1994 Buick Roadmaster Owner Manual

Buicks are and will continueto be premium American motorcars with smooth power high performance rich detail andcomfortable accommodation E d Mertz General Manager Buick Motor Division Our mission is simple

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The 1994 Buick Roadmaster Owners Manual
David Buick was building gasoline engines by 1899 auto and Marr his engineer apparently built the first to i be called a Buickn 1900. However Buick traditionally dates its beginnings to 1903. That was the year the company was reorganized refinanced and moved from Detroit to Flint. Buick has always been a product innovator. Buick engineers developed the. Durant also created a racing team that 500 racing won trophies in 1909 and 19 10 including successes at Indianapolis two years beforethe Indy 500 began. The success of Buick engines was visible not only on the race track but in endurance tests across the country to and around the world. Buick was the only car complete a 1000mile ChicagotoNew York race in 1906. And a h i c k was the first car to travel across South America driven from Buenos Aires Argentina over the Andes to Santiago Chile in 19 14 Buick drew plentyof attention because it could climb hills and run through mud like no other car. Buicks endurance and reliability were world famous. During World War I Buick built Liberty aircraftengines as well as Red Cross ambulancesso successful thatone Buick ambulance was awarded the Croix Guewe by de the French government. As a builderof premier automobiles Buick was hard hit by the Great Depression. However new General Mnager HarlowH. Curtice created popular new models includingtheSpecial andthe Roadmaster. Buick sales soon flourished I 9 I I Model 21 Touring Car on Buicks TestH ill I First Buick Factory.In World War II Buick built aircraft engines tanks and styling and engineering changes which resulted in increased The converter sales. torque automatic era. postwar transmission Dynaflow was introduced in the 1948 Roadmaster. Buicks famous portholes came along in 1949 A highcompression V8 engine was introduced in 1953. AndBuicksfamousverticalpillar toothy grille introduced in 1942 became more massive in the I 949 Roadmaster 1953 Skylark Motor Trend magazine named 1962 Buick pecial the Car of the Year. The first production V6 engine was used in the Special.1962 Buick Special Built insidethe walls of the old buildingsin Buicks former Flint complex which formed the cornerstonef o General Motors Buick City is a stateoftheart 2 assembly facility with more than00 robots and other of hightech equipment. It was completed in the fall 1985.  Buick will provide Premium American Motorcars backed withservicesthat exceed our customers expectations throughout the purchase ownership service andrepurchase experience Buicks are SUBSTANTIAL. Buicks are DISTINCTIVE. Buicks arePOWERFUL.

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