2004 BMW 645Ci Owner Manual

Maintenance summary The Service Interval Indicator System CBS will determine the requirement for performance of the maintenance services described on this and the following page. These services may be required either individually or in conjunction with other maintenance services

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2004 BMW 645Ci Owner Manual
Maintenance Summary 67 Scheduled Maintenance Oil Service Record 815 Emission Control Maintenance Schedule 16. Battery Care 16. Corrosion Protection 17. Body Inspection 1823 Customer Assistance Information 24. Customer Assistance Notification 25. BMW Import Processing Centers 25. Special Programs 25. Roadside Assistance Owners Eligibility 26. Getting Started 26. Calling for Assistance 26 Dispatch Service 27. OnSite Assistance 27. Lock Out 27. Towing Service 27. SignandDrive 27. Trip Interruption benefits 27. Car Rental Discounts 28. Exclusions 28 Auto Valet Service . 28 Personalized Trip Routing. 28 Summary of BMW Limited Warranties 29 New Vehicle Limited Warranty 30 BMW Certified PreOwned Limited Warrnty 31 Limited Warranty Rust Perforation 32. Federal Emission System Defect Warranty 33 Federal Emission Performance Warranty 35. California Emission Control Warranty Statement 37 California Emission Control System Limited Warranty 38 Notice of OwnerAddress Change 41 Tire Warranty Statements 43.
Maintenance System The BMW Maintenance System has been devised with the following objectives to maximize vehicle safety reliability and resale value by minimizing breakdowns resulting from wear and minimizing cost and inconvenience by computing maintenance intervals based upon the specific manner in which each individual vehicle is driven. Maintenance intervals on motor vehicles have conventionally been specified based upon accumulated mileage. However driving conditions have a major influence on routine maintenance requirements distance traveled is only one of the significant factors. A vehicle driven for 50000 miles of short trips in the city with numerous cold starts prolonged periods of idling stopandgo driving and high engine speeds during acceleration requires more frequent maintenance intervals than a vehicle driven for 50000 miles for long distances at low engine speeds primarily at operating temperature.
If you need to add oil between oil changes and are unable to obtain BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil Mobil 1 or another special oil on the list use a synthetic oil with an API rating of SH or higher. The following maintenance elements must be performed at the mileagetime stated time intervals begin from the vehicles production date Brake Fluid Service Change brake fluid every two years or when specified by CBS. Oxygen Sensor Service The oxygen sensor deteriorates strictly on a mileage basis and must therefore be replaced every 100000 miles to maximize vehicle fuel economy and minimize exhaust pollution. Spark Plug Service Replace at 100000 miles or when specified by CBS You can request more detailed information on every entry. Turn the controller to scroll through the list then confirm the selected entry.
Rear brake Maintenance work Replace brake pads clean brake pad contact points in calipers. Brake discs Check surface and thickness if necessary replace at extra charge Parking brake Check condition brake lining thickness and function if necessary replace at extra charge. Unless covered by Maintenance Program Standard operations Maintenance work Brief diagnostic test Verify Check Control messages Check indicator and warning lights Reset CBS display Vehicle Check Maintenance work Check operation of horn headlight flasher and hazard warning flashers. Check instrument and control lighting and heaterairconditioning blower. Check lighting system turn signals backup license plate interior incl. map reading lights glovebox flashlight luggage area lights. Safety belts check condition and function. Check windshield wiper and washer jet positions. Body check for corrosion except cavities. Tires check tread depth wear pattern outer condition inflation pressure. If necessary correct pressure. Battery check state of charge magic eye and charge if required.

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