2004 Subaru Legacy Service Manual Body Section

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.. G2320GE7. 2004 LEGACY SERVICE MANUAL. QUICK benchmark. Middle Section. This technical manual has been prepared ….

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2004 Subaru Legacy Service Manual Body Section
Diagnostic Procedure 2 Check List for Interview3 General Description 5 Electrical Component Location 7 Control Module IO Signal 9 Subaru Select Monitor14 Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 24 Clear Memory Mode25 Read Current Data 26 Function Setting Customize27 List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 28 Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC. Basic Diagnostic Procedure A PROCEDURE 1. WITH SUBARU SELECT MONITOR CAUTION Subaru Select Monitor is required for reading DTC performing diagnosis and reading current data. Remove foreign matter dust water and oil etc from the body integrated unit connector during removal and installation. For the model with immobilizer registration of immobilizer may be needed after the replacement of controller and etc. For detail procedure refer to REGISTRATION MANUAL FOR IMMOBILIZER. NOTE To check harness for broken wires or short circuits shake it while holding it or the connector. Check List for Interview Ref. to LANdiag3 Check List for Interview Step CHECK PREINSPECTION. 1 Ask the customer when and how the trouble occurred using interview check list. Ref. to LANdiag3 Check List for Interview 2 Check the display of freeze frame data. Combination meter odotrip meter BASIC INSPECTION. Check the components which might affect body control. Ref. to LANdiag5 INSPECTION General Description CHECK INDICATION OF DTC.

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