2004 Subaru Legacy Service Manual Engine Section

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.. G2320GE3. 2004 LEGACY SERVICE MANUAL. QUICK benchmark. ENGINE SECTION 2. This technical manual has been prepared ….

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2004 Subaru Legacy Service Manual Engine Section
Basic Diagnostic Procedure 2 Check List for Interview3 General Description 5 Electrical Component Location 8 Engine Control Module ECM IO Signal 15 Engine Condition Data 19 Data Link Connector 20 Subaru Select Monitor21 Read Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 27 Inspection Mode28 Clear Memory Mode30 Compulsory Valve Operation Check Mode 31 Malfunction Indicator Light 33 Diagnostics for Engine Starting Failure42 List of Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 55 Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 60 General Diagnostic. PROCEDURE 1. ENGINE Step Check CHECK ENGINE START FAILURE. Does the engine start 1 Ask the customer when and how the trouble occurred using the interview check list. Ref. to ENH4DOTCdiag3 CHECK Check List for Interview 2 Start the engine. Yes Go to step 2. No Inspection using Diagnostics for Engine Starting Failure. Ref. to ENH4DOTCdiag 42 Diagnostics for Engine Starting Failure Go to step 3. Inspection using General Diagnostic Table. Ref. to ENH4DOTCdiag 202 General Diagnostic Table Record the DTC. Repair the related Repair the trouble parts. cause. Ref. to NOTE ENH4DOTCdiag If DTC is not 55 List of Diag shown on display nostic Trouble although the malCode DTC Go function indicator to step 4. light illuminates perform the diagnostics for malfunction indicator light circuit or combination meter. Ref. to ENH4DOTCdiag33 Malfunction Indicator Light Check on DiagFinish the diagnonostic Chart with sis. Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC Ref. to ENH4DOTCdiag 60 Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC 1 2 CHECK ILLUMINATION OF MALFUNCTION Does malfunction indicator INDICATOR LIGHT. light illuminate 3 CHECK INDICATION OF DTC ON SCREEN. Is DTC displayed on the Sub1 Turn the ignition switch to OFF. aru Select Monitor 2 Connect the Subaru Select Monitor to data link connector. 3 Turn the ignition switch to ON and the Subaru Select Monitor switch to ON. 4 Read DTC on Subaru Select Monitor 4 PERFORM THE DIAGNOSIS.

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