2005 Cadillan CTS / CTS-V Owner Manual

2005 Cadillan CTS / CTS-V Owner Manual… Reclining Seatbacks Power Recliner Manual Recliner If your vehicle has manual reclining front seatbacks the levers are located on the outboard sides of the front seats.

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2005 Cadillac CTSCTSV Owner Manual
Seats and Restraint Systems. 12 Front Seats. 12 Rear Seats. 16 Safety Belts. 18 Child Restraints. 128 Airbag System. 148 Restraint System Check. 163 Features and Controls. 21 Keys. 23 Doors and Locks. 28 Windows. 214 TheftDeterrent Systems. 218 Starting and Operating Your Vehicle. 222 Mirrors. 241 OnStar System. 245 HomeLink Transmitter. 247 Storage Areas. 251 Sunroof. 253 Vehicle Personalization. 254 Instrument Panel. 31 Instrument Panel Overview. 34 Climate Controls. 327 Warning Lights Gages and Indicators. 334 Message Center. 352 M Driver Information Center DIC. 358 Audio Systems. 388 Driving Your Vehicle. 41 Your Driving the Road and Your Vehicle. 42 Towing. 438 Service and Appearance Care. 51 Service. 53 Fuel. 55 Checking Things Under the Hood. 510 Rear Axle. 548 Bulb Replacement. 549 Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement. 553 Tires. 554 Appearance Care. 587 Vehicle Identication. 596 Electrical System. 596 Capacities and Specications. 5108. 61 Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Schedule. 62 Customer Assistance and Information. 71 Customer Assistance and Information. 72 Reporting Safety Defects. 711 Index.
Power Lumbar Your vehicle may have this feature. The drivers and passengers seatback lumbar support can be adjusted by moving a control located on the outboard side of the seat cushions. To increase or decrease support hold the control forward or rearward. Keep in mind that as your seating position changes as it may during long trips so should the position of your lumbar support. Adjust the seat as needed There is one button for the driver and one for the front passenger. Each button has three settings LO HI and off. The active setting appears on the climate control panel display. The LO setting warms the seatback and cushion until the seat approximates normal body temperature. The HI setting has a slightly higher temperature. To turn on the heated seats press the button once. The seat will heat to the HI setting. Press the button again to switch to the LO setting. Pressing the button a third time turns the system off. The heated seats can only be used when the ignition is turned on. When the vehicle is turned off the heated seats automatically turn off. If you wish to have the heated seats on once the vehicle is restarted press the button again Heated Seats If your vehicle is equipped with heated front seats the buttons are located on the climate control panel

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