2005 Mazda6 Quick Tips

This Quick Tips guide is provided by Mazda North American Operations to make your Mazda ownership experience more convenient.

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2005 Mazda6 Quick Tips
DRIVERS VIEW. Getting Started Mazda6 Quick Tips are designed to quickly familiarize you with some important features of your Mazda6 This Drivers View tab is your index to the Quick Tips locate the item you would like to learn more about and then turn to the listed tab Be sure to see the tab called Getting Started this section contains important operating tips about your Mazda6 Items identified in blue text call out important information,x1000rpmm 8 2 kmh mph TRIP A 240 8 OO 1401. Power window switches see Switches 2. Power door locks see Locks 3. Dual power mirrors see Switches 4. Traction Control System see Driving Tips 5. Air vents 6. Turn signallighting control lever see Driver Controls 7. Instrument panel lighting see Getting Started 8. HornAir bag . 9Wiperwasher control lever see Driver Controls 10. Clockset buttons see Getting Started 11. Storage 12. Information display see Owners Manual 13. AMB Ambient temperature display Push for more than three seconds to change between celsius and fahrenheit 14. Hazard warning switch Press onoff 15. Audio system see Audio Systems 16. Climate control panel see Climate Controls 17. Passenger air bag off indicator see Seats 18. Gearshift lever AT see Transmission 1. 9Cup holder 20. Heated seats see TrunkConsole 21. Console see TrunkConsole 22. Accessory socket 23. Parking brake lever see TrunkConsole 24. Cruise control see Getting Started 25. Tilttelescopic steeringwheel lever see Getting Started 26. Audio control switches see Getting Started 27. Remote trunk release Sedan only Push to open trunk main switch in glove box must be ON see Getting Started 28. Hood release handle.
Instrument panel lighting To brightendim turn thumbwheel updown Remote trunklid release lockout Sedan only Switch in ON position remote trunk release functions normal OFF position disables system located in glove box OFF ON Remote keyless entry system Functions only with ignition in LOCK or ACC positions To lock doors Press button 1 pressing again within 5 seconds causes doors to relock and horn to beep To unlock Press 2 for drivers door press again within 5 seconds to unlock other doors To open trunk Press 4 Panic alarm Press 3 horn sounds to stop press any button on the transmitter or turn ignition to ON position 5 Tilttelescopic steeringwheel lever Pull lever 5 down to unlock column position tilt angle and length of steering column position WARNING Do not adjust steeringwheel while driving Clock To set With ignition in ACC or ON position press A and hold until beep sounds 12 hr24hr will be displayed press B to select press A again while selection is flashing Hr ADJUST displays press B to select hr press A when done do the same to set minutes A B CLOCK SET Cruise control 1 Operates above 2 25 mph 3 To activate 4 Press and release ONOFF 1 To set speed Press and release SETCOAST 3 at desired speed To accelerate Press and hold RESACCEL 2 incremental acceleration Press and release 2 each tap plus 1 mph To decelerate Press and hold SET COAST 3 release at desired speed or tap brake pedal press and release 3 at desired speed incremental deceleration Press and release 3 each tap minus 1 mph To cancel Tap brake pedal clutch pedal manual transaxle or press CANCEL button 4 or ONOFF 1 Return to preset speed after ON OFF RES ACCEL CANCEL SET COAST CANCEL button or braking Press and release RESACCEL button 2 Tip Cruise control will not be canceled in Manual Mode during gear changes Steeringwheel 6 audio 7 controls 5 8 To increase decrease volume Press 5 Radio Press 6 less than one second to select next preset station press 6 more than one second to seek next station CassetteCDMD Press 6 to select next selectiontrack Press 7 to select AM FM 1 FM 2 Tape CD and MD mode Press 8 to mute VOL MODE 9 12 13 14 10 11 See Owners Manual Rear center position seat belt Sport Wagon only To pull seat belt from ceiling recess 9 Slide tongues with finger while moving downward Fastening seat belt Tongue.

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