2005 Pontiac Vibe Owners Manual

Driver Seat Height Adjuster Reclining Seatbacks The manual driver seat height adjuster is located on the outboard side of the 2005 Pontiac Vibe Owners Manual… seat

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2005 Pontiac Vibe Owners Manual
Seats and Restraint Systems. 11 Front Seats. 12 Rear Seats. 17 Safety Belts. 18 Child Restraints. 126 Airbag System. 146 Restraint System Check. 162 Features and Controls. 21 Keys. 22 Doors and Locks. 27 Windows. 213 TheftDeterrent Systems. 215 Starting and Operating Your Vehicle. 217 Mirrors. 234 OnStar System. 235 Storage Areas. 237 Sunroof. 240 Instrument Panel. 31 Instrument Panel Overview. 34 Climate Controls. 320 Warning Lights Gages and Indicators. 325 Audio Systems. 342 M Driving Your Vehicle. 41 Your Driving the Road and Your Vehicle. 42 Towing. 437 Service and Appearance Care. 51 Service. 53 Fuel. 55 Checking Things Under the Hood. 510 AllWheel Drive. 548 Bulb Replacement. 549 Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement. 556 Tires. 557 Appearance Care. 587 Vehicle Identication. 595 Electrical System. 595 Capacities and Specications. 5100 Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts. 5102 Maintenance Schedule. 61 Maintenance Schedule. 62 Customer Assistance and Information. 71 Customer Assistance and Information. 72 Reporting Safety Defects.
Seats and Restraint Systems Top Strap 135 Top Strap Anchor Location 137 Lower Anchorages and Top Tethers for Children LATCH System 138 Securing a Child Restraint Designed for the LATCH System 139 Securing a Child Restraint in a Rear Seat Position 140 Securing a Child Restraint in the Right Front Seat Position 142 Airbag System 146 Where Are the Airbags 149 When Should an Airbag Inate 151 What Makes an Airbag Inate 153 How Does an Airbag Restrain 153 What Will You See After an Airbag Inates 154 Passenger Sensing System 156 Servicing Your AirbagEquipped Vehicle 160 Adding Equipment to Your AirbagEquipped Vehicle 161 Restraint System Check 162 Checking Your Restraint Systems 162 Replacing Restraint System Parts After a Crash 163 Front Seats 12 Manual Seats 12 Driver Seat Height Adjuster 13 Reclining Seatbacks 13 Head Restraints 15 Passenger Folding Seatback 15 Rear Seats 17 Rear Seat Operation 17 Safety Belts 18 Safety Belts They Are for Everyone 18 Questions and Answers About Safety Belts 113 How to Wear Safety Belts Properly 114 Driver Position 114 Shoulder Belt Height Adjustment 120 Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy 121 Right Front Passenger Position 121 Rear Seat Passengers 121 Safety Belt Pretensioners 124 Safety Belt Extender 125 Child Restraints 126 Older Children 126 Infants and Young Children 128.
To raise the seat ratchet the lever upward until the seat is at the desired height. To lower the seat ratchet the lever downward until the seat is at the desired height. It is easier to use the adjuster when the seat is unoccupied. Make sure the vehicle is in PARK P before adjusting the seat To adjust the seatback lift the lever located on the outboard side of the seat. Release the lever to lock the seatback where you want it. Push on the seat to make sure it is locked into position. Pull up on the lever without pushing on the seatback and the seat will go to its original upright position

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