2008 Mazda RX-8 Quick Tips

This Quick Tips guide is provided by Mazda North American Operations to make your Mazda ownership experience more convenient.

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2008 Mazda RX-8 Quick Tips
ower window switches see Switches 2. Power door locks see Locks 3. Dual power mirrors see Switches 4. Instrument panel lighting see Getting Started 5. Turn signallighting control lever see Driver Controls 6. Air vents 7. DSC Dynamic Stability Control System see Getting Started 8. Audio control switches see Driver Controls . 9Tire pressure monitoring system see Getting Started 10. HornAir bag 11. Cruise control see Driver Controls 12. Wiperwasher control lever see Driver Controls 13. Clock see Audio Systems 14. Information display see Owners Manual 15. Hazard warning switch Press onoff 16. NAVI system see Owners Manual 17. Ambient temperature display 18. Audio system see Audio Systems 1. 9Passenger air bag off indicator see Seats 20. Climate control panel see Climate Controls 21. Gearshift lever AT see Transmission 22. Parking brake lever see Console 23. Cup holders 24. Accessory socket 25. Console see Console 26. Seat warmer switches see Console 27. Steering shift switches AT only see Transmission 28. Tilt steeringwheel lever see Driver Controls 2. 9Storage 30. Hood release handle 31. Remote trunklid release Push to open trunk. 32. Power window lock switch 33. Remote fueldoor release Use unleaded gasoline 91octane only. 34. Openclose NAVI screen 35. NAVI screen tilt 36. NAVI system remote control.
For any trip that is too short for the engine to reach normal operating temperature needle in middle of temperature gauge indicates normal temperature the following procedure should be followed 1. Start engine. 2. Move vehicle. 3. Warm engine for 5minutes at idle. 4. Raise engine speed to 3000 RPM for 10seconds. 5. Return to idle. 6. Turn off engine. Tip Warming up engine improves engine life. Instrument panel lighting With headlights on To brighten dim turn thumbwheel updown. Maximum illumination Rotate thumbwheel upward until click is heard instrument cluster and information display illumination color goes from red to white. Headlightsparking lights OFF Instrument panel lighting defaults to maximum brightness. Headlightsparking lights ON Illumination changes brightness with dimmer switch adjustment Rear doors For a rear occupant to exit with a front passenger 1. Front occupant must release seat belt. 2. Front occupant must open door. 3. Open rear door. For a rear occupant to exit without a front occupant 1. Release front seat to forward position. 2. Unlock and open front door. 3. Open rear door. Tip Close rear door first then front door damage may occur otherwise Instant Mobility System emergency flat tire repair kit IMS Temporary spare tire is not equipped with your Mazda if tire repair is required repair tire with emergency flat tire repair kit see Owners Manual.
Traction Control System TCSDynamic Stability Control DSC see Getting Started Brake system Parking brake onlow fluid level Antilock Brake System ABS ABS malfunction normal brakes only dealer inspection required EBD malfunction Brake system and ABS warning lights illuminated dealer inspection required Check engine Dealer inspection required Immobilizer system see Locks Door ajar KEY see Getting Started Engine coolant level Headlight auto leveling malfunction Power steering malfunction Dealer inspection required if light remains on Air bag readiness Front side and curtain air bag malfunction warning light constantly flashes or stays on or never comes on with ignition on dealer inspection required Always fasten seat belts Engine oil level Indicates low engine oil if illuminated pull over to a safe location turn engine off and check engine oil level when engine is cool add engine oil if necessary Denotes optional equipment Always check the Owners Manual for more operating information and safety features Instrument Cluster

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