2009 Mazda6 Smart Guides

see owner’s manual for more details and explanations. low fuel key warning light (red) advanced key not detected or transmitter battery is dead. key indicator light (green) advanced key detected, engine is ready to start.

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2009 Mazda6 Smart Guides
advanced keyless entry system
driver\’s door request switch advanced key features
keyless entry system
starting the engine with the advanced key
emergency engine stop
emergency vehicle entry/engine start
electronically operated driver seat w/memory
recline switch
lumbar adjustment
memory seat switch to program the driver\’s seat position:
to return to the programmed position:
auto-dimming mirrors and homelink
indicator light
auto-dimming on and off
light sensor
auto-dimming mirrors
driver\’s view (shown with optional
lighting/turn signal
traction control system dynamic stability control
blind spot monitoring
info button headlight leveling
trunk release
hazard warning information display
audio/navigation display
audio system without navigation
passenger airbag off indicator
climate control
seat warmer switches push button start
instrument cluster
instrument cluster dimmer
fuel gauge
ambient temperature
check fuel cap electronic steering lock indicates steering wheel is locked. light-on (exterior lights)
dsc dsc off off (dynamic stability control)
charging system tire pressure monitoring system tire pressure may be low in one or more tires. powertrain malfunction/ reduced power abs (antilock brake system) check engine brake
odometer / speedometer trip meter gear indicator
engine coolant odometer/ trip temperature gauge meter selector
automatic transmission tcs/dsc turn signal/ hazard warning headlight high-beam shift position air bag/front seat belt pretensioner system
engine oil pressure security indicator door-ajar seat belt cruise main indicator light ( amber)/cruise set indicator light (green) low washer fluid level

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