2010 Mazda Tribute Quick Tips

2010 Mazda Tribute Quick Tips….Temperature Control Dial Rotate the dial for temperature control clockwise for hot and counterclockwise for cold.

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Feature Highlights EASY FUEL NO CAP FUEL SYSTEM Easy Fuel is a unique selfsealing system that has no fuel cap to unscrew Turn the engine off open the fuelfiller door insert the fuelfiller nozzle into the fuel system inlet and pump the fuel When fueling is complete allow a few seconds before removing the nozzle and then close the fuelfiller door. Fuel Requirement Regular Unleaded Fuel 87 Octane If filling the vehicles fuel tank from a portable fuel container use the fuel funnel located inside the rear passenger side cargo compartment access door See Passenger Side Cargo Compartment in the Owners Manual for further information ELECTRONIC STAbILITY CONTROL ESC SYSTEM Electronic Stability Control automatically enables Traction Control TCS Dynamic Stability Control DSC and Roll Stability Control RSC each time the engine is started Traction Control System TCS detects drive wheel slippage and lowers engine torque to prevent loss of traction. Dynamic Stability Control DSC regulates braking and engine torque in conjunction with the ABS and TCS to help control skids or lateral slides during sudden or evasive maneuvering See Drivers View P. 6 for button location Roll Stability Control RSC detects when corrective action is needed and controls engine torque and braking on each wheel to prevent a vehicle rollover. NOTE Electronic Stability Control system will only intervene if the driving situation requires it Fuel Funnel Flex Fuel Vehicle FFV fuel fill inlet If your vehicle is flex fuel capable it will have a yellow bezel placed over the fuel fill inlet Fuel Requirement Use only UNLEADED FUEL and FUEL ETHANOL. NOTE Use of any fuel other than those recommended may cause powertrain damage a loss of vehicle performance and repairs may not be covered under warranty.
Push to defrost the windshield. Push to defrost the rear window. Push to turn driver heated seat on or off. Selector Dial Push to turn the Climate Control system ON and OFF ush to P manually turn air conditioning on or off. ush to P recirculate cabin air to reduce outside odors and improve cooling indicator on or receive fresh air indicator off. Push for AC maximum cabin cooling in recirculation mode. Dashboard Vents Dashboard and floor vents Floor vents P ush to turn passenger heated seat on or off Outside temperature will appear in the information display and is labeled EXT TEMP To change the display between Fahrenheit and Celsius push and together turns on the AC compressor and selects the FRESH AIR mode This helps defrost the windows more efficiently by dehumidifying the air The AC compressor will always be on in defroster mode but the defroster and floor will deliver warm air when the temperature dial is set to a warmer temperature and the engine warms up…

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