Adobe InDesign CS3 User Guide: XML

XML rule sets are sets of instructions written in a scripting language (such …. hierarchy, InDesign adds the XML content, replacing all existing ….

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Adobe InDesign CS3 User Guide: XML
Chapter 19: XML
Working with XML
About XML
Extensible language
XML data structure
XML tools
About DTD files
XML rule sets
Importing XML
XML import and layout methods
Append or merge?
Append mode
Merge mode
Content layout
Manually placing imported XML content
About merging
• The document contains placeholder frames and you want to fill them with imported XML content.
• The document contains XML content and you want to replace it with imported XML content.
• The document doesn’t contain any XML structure, and you want InDesign to replace the default root with the root of the incoming XML file.
1 InDesign begins comparing at the root element
2 InDesign moves to the element under the root
3 InDesign continues to compare elements
Import and append XML data
Lay out XML manually
Map XML tags to styles
About automatic layout
Working with repeating data
See also
Thread text frames on page 120
Tag items on page 519
Rearrange structured elements on page 525
Create placeholders for automatic layout
Import and merge XML
Tagging content for XML
Create and load XML tags
See also
About XML on page 504
About DTD files on page 506
Create an XML tag
1 Choose Window > Tags to open the Tags panel.
2 Do one of the following:
Choose New Tag from the Tags panel menu.
Click the New Tag button on the Tags panel.
3 Type a name for the tag. The name must conform to XML standards. If you include a space or an illegal character in the tag name, an alert message appears
Tag frames manually
Tag text within a text frame manually
Tag text frames, tables, table cells, and images automatically
Tag content according to paragraph or character style
Specify Autotag defaults
Show or hide tag markers and tagged frames
Untag or retag items
Structuring documents for XML
Rearrange structured elements
Work with attributes
Edit href attributes
Add comments and processing instructions
Use DTD files to validate XML
Exporting XML
Export document content to XML
Optimized image export options
Save tags only as XML
Edit an exported XML file

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