Adobe PageMaker Tutorial

Adobe PageMaker Tutorial. Introduction. This tutorial is designed to give you a basic understanding of Adobe PageMaker. The document is ….

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Adobe PageMaker Tutorial
This tutorial is designed to give you a basic understanding of Adobe PageMaker. The handout is designed for first-time users and will cover a few important basics. PageMaker is a desktop
publishing program. It is used to create documents with a complex layout of text and graphics, such as brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers, reports etc. How to Create a New Document
The Different Windows in PageMaker
1. Tools Palette: this window displays tools that are used for drawing, entering and editing
2. PageMaker Tools Window: this window can also appear as a shelf on the top of the
3. Control Palette: this window is used for making precise changes to text and graphics.
4. Styles and Colors Palette: this window displays the predefined paragraph styles and
5. Plug-in Palettes, e.g. Picture Palette: this window contains the links to readymade
How to Insert an Image into a PageMaker Document
1. Placing the image: Locate and open the image file you want to place in the document.
2. Resizing the image: The graphic handles at the corners and edges of the image make it
3. Moving the image: To move the image, with the pointer tool selected in the Tools
How to Draw Graphic Elements
How to Work with Text
How to Insert More Pages in the Report
How to Work with Columns
How to Wrap Text Around an Image
1. What does a red triangle in a text block’s bottom window-handle indicate? Indicates
2. What is the difference between opening a normal publication and a template? When
3. When dragging an object, how do you ensure that it moves in a straight line? By
4. How do you ensure that PageMaker fills all columns and creates new pages as needed without manual intervention?

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