Build Apps Using Asynchronous JavaScript with XML (AJAX)

Build apps using Asynchronous JavaScript with. XML (AJAX). Learning validation in real-time web applications to perform AJAX ….

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Build apps using Asynchronous JavaScript with XML (AJAX)
Section 1. Before you start
About this tutorial
Section 2. Introduction to AJAX
AJAX basics
Section 3. Application design
Elements of the application
Structure of the application
Figure 1. The AJAX architecture
Section 4. Implementing the application
Application implementation with AJAX
Code walkthrough: Validate the subscription ID
Code walkthrough: init()
Code walkthrough: Callback handler 1
Code walkthrough: Callback handler 2
Code walkthrough: Callback handler 3
Code walkthrough: Revisiting XMLHttpRequest
Code walkthrough: View authors, publishers, titles
Section 5. Running and testing the application
Run the application
Test the application
Section 6. Summary
Browser support for the XMLHttpRequest object can be constraining.
AJAX is best suited for displaying a small set of data.
AJAX is quite dependent on JavaScript
The asynchronous nature of AJAX will not guarantee synchronous request processing for multiple requests

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