Building Android Apps with Adobe AIR

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Building Android Apps with Adobe AIR
AIR apps for Android

  • Games
  • RIA / Connected Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Remote Controls Apps for Desktop Apps
  • Camera and Microphone access
  • Accelerometer
  • GPS
  • StageWebView
  • Multitouch/Gestures
  • Screen Orientation / Fullscreen
  • Phone/SMS/Email/Browser/Android Market
  • Session Cache Support – Restore App State
  • Hardware Buons Support
  • Local database

Seing Android Permissions
Use Application Descriptor File -> AndroidManifest.xml le
Preview releases of new Flash Platform Tooling – Mobile Support
Options for Building Mobile AIR Apps using Burrito
ActionScript Project – ActionScript Mobile Project
Flex Mobile Project:
MobileApplication vs. TabbedMobileApplication
Flex Mobile Components
Flex Mobile Components – NavigatorView
navigator.push(NewScreen, data) – add new screen
go to previous screen
navigator. popToFirstView()
go to rst view
retrieve active view
Architecture of Flex Mobile App
View Lifecycle
View and ActionBar Components
Mobile Components
ButtLists and Item Renderers
Lists and Item Renderers
Splash Screen
Developing mobile and multi-screen applications
using Flash Builder Burrito & Flex Hero
Helper Apps for Mobile Development

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