Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

However, native applications are installed on the iPhone, have access to the equipment …. iPhone web applications on a Web browser, because Safari is the ….

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Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Preface … xi
1. Getting Started … 1
Web Apps Versus Native Apps
What Is a Web App?
What Is a Native App?
Pros and Cons
Which Approach Is Right for You?
Web Programming Crash Course
Intro to HTML
Intro to CSS
Intro to JavaScript
2. Basic iPhone Styling … 13
First Steps
Preparing a Separate iPhone Stylesheet
Controlling the Page Scaling
Adding the iPhone CSS
Adding the iPhone Look and Feel
Adding Basic Behavior with jQuery
What You’ve Learned
3. Advanced iPhone Styling … 29
Adding a Touch of Ajax
Traffic Cop
Simple Bells and Whistles
Roll Your Own Back Button
Adding an Icon to the Home Screen
Full Screen Mode
Changing the Status Bar
Providing a Custom Startup Graphic
What You’ve Learned
4. Animation … 51
With a Little Help from Our Friend
Sliding Home
Adding the Dates Panel
Adding the Date Panel
Adding the New Entry Panel
Adding the Settings Panel
Putting It All Together
Customizing jQTouch
What You’ve Learned
5. Client-Side Data Storage … 69
localStorage and sessionStorage
Saving User Settings to localStorage
Saving the Selected Date to sessionStorage
Client-Side Database
Creating a Database
Inserting Rows
Selecting Rows and Handling Result Sets
Deleting Rows
What You’ve Learned
6. Going Offline … 91
The Basics of the Offline Application Cache
Online Whitelist and Fallback Options
Creating a Dynamic Manifest File
The JavaScript Console
The Application Cache Database
What You’ve Learned
7. Going Native … 115
Intro to PhoneGap
Using the Screen’s Full Height
Customizing the Title and Icon
Creating a Startup Screen
Installing Your App on the iPhone
Controlling the iPhone with JavaScript
Beep, Vibrate, and Alert
What You’ve Learned
8. Submitting Your App to iTunes … 151
Creating an iPhone Distribution Provisioning Profile
Installing the iPhone Distribution Provisioning Profile
Renaming the Project
Prepare the Application Binary
Submit Your App
While You Wait
Further Reading
Index … 161

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