Capital One Platinum MasterCard Complete Guide to Benefits

If the total cost of the fare of passengers is debited from your account capital one credit card before leaving for the airport, ….

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Capital One Platinum MasterCard Complete Guide to Benefits, Complete Guide to Credit Card Benefits
The kind of coverage you receive:

  • MasterRental will pay for covered damages on a secondary basis for which you are, or any other authorized driver is, legally responsible to the rental agency.
  • Covered damages include:
  • Physical damage to and theft of the vehicle, not to exceed the limits outlined below.
  • Reasonable loss-of-use charges imposed by the vehicle rental company for the period of time the rental vehicle is out of service. Loss-of-use charges must be substantiated by a location- and class-specific fleet utilization log.
  • Reasonable towing charges to the nearest factory-authorized collision repair facility.
  • If you have, or an authorized driver’s primary automobile insurance or other indemnity has, made payments for a covered loss, MasterRental will cover your deductible and any other eligible amounts not covered by other insurance.
  • Coverage is secondary to any other applicable insurance or coverage available to you. Coverage is limited to only those amounts not covered by any other insurance or coverage benefit

How to file a MasterRental Insurance claim:

  • Call 1-800-MC-ASSIST to request a claim form. You must report the claim within thirty (30) days of the loss, or the claim may not be honored.
  • Submit the following documentation within one hundred eighty (180) days of the incident or the claim will not be honored:
  • Completed and signed claim form.
  • MasterCard receipt showing the rental.
  • MasterCard statement showing the rental.
  • Rental agreement (front and back).
  • Copy of valid driver’s license (front and back).
  • Copy of the declarations page of the authorized driver’s primary vehicle insurance and other valid coverage or insurance.
  • Report from police verifying that the vehicle was stolen, vandalized, or involved in a collision.
  • Itemized repair estimate from a factory-authorized collision repair facility.
  • Copy of the vehicle rental company promotion, if applicable.
  • Copy of the vehicle rental location- or class-specific fleet utilization log, if loss of use charges are being claimed. You must secure this log from the rental agency.
  • Any other documentation that reasonably may be requested to validate a claim
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