Cardiology Implantable Cardiac Device

Document cardiologist who manages the patient’s device, … The Cardiology department usually reprogram and query processing ….

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Document the name of the patients cardiologist that manages the device along with their phonenumber 4 Determine when the last interrogation of the device was and if possible obtain a copy of those results The patient preferably should have an interrogation within three months of planned surgery If the battery is near end of life elective surgery should generally be postponed. The pacemaker has a rate adaptive mechanism that responds to minute ventilation by transthoracic impedence Cardiac monitors can cause these devices to errantly interpret minute ventilation as double the actual value thus inappropriately increasingtherateofpacingduringaprocedure PreAnesthesia Clinic has a form and protocol for notifying the Cardiology Electrophysiology Service and they will typically handle the arrangements for device reprogramming Make sure to notify the PreAnesthesia Clinic if perioperative device reprogramming is necessary If a device requires reprogramming this should be ideally performed in the preoperative staging area just prior to surgery The device should be programmed back to its original settings in the recovery room

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