Corporate Travel Card Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for paying the state travel card? Corporate credit cards issued to employees of state travel are the responsibility of every employee. NOTICE TO ALL ….

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  1. What is a CBA Account?
  2. What transactions can be purchased using an agency CBA Account?
  3. What is required for my agency to get a CBA account established/maintained?
  4. Are there any annual fees associated with the corporate travel cards?
  5. Who is liable for the payment of the state travel card?
  6. Can the card be used for personal expenses?
  7. What are the card limits for travel expenses?
  8. What if my travel requirements exceed $5,000 and I need a higher travel limit?
  9. Since this is a VISA card can I pay only a partial payment of the balance due each month?
  10. What is the interest rate charged on the corporate travel card?
  11. What costs are involved for delinquent payments?
  12. How do I apply for a corporate travel card?
  13. What criteria should employees use to determine if I need to apply for a corporate travel card issued by the State?
  14. Are all applicants issued state travel cards?


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