Developing WML applications using PHP

PHP application development using WML. Difficulty: introduction. Vivek Malhotra. Wireless technology expert… When you’re working with the Wireless Markup Language, you should know that…

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Developing WML applications using PHP
Section 1. About this tutorial
Who should take this tutorial?
Introduction to the tutorial
Section 2. Wireless Markup Language (WML)
What is WML?
Cards and decks
Basic structure of a WML deck
Hello World! Example in WML
Displaying text
Links and navigation
User input
Selecting from a list
Section 3. PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
What is PHP?
Using PHP
Hello World! Example in PHP
Variables and operations
Control statements
for and foreach:
Section 4. Generating Dynamic WML using PHP
Document header
Basic WML structure using PHP
An Example: Hello World!
Database access
Database access — an example
Section 5. WML and PHP – an example
Displaying the Hello World! message
Get Weather information
Sending an e-mail

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