How To: Windows 7 PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial

How Windows PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial 7. Open Network Connections. First, an open network and Sharing Center in Control Panel. Then select Set up a new ….

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How To: Windows 7 PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial
Open Network Connections
First, Open Network and Sharing Centre from Control Panel. Then choose Set up a new
connection or network.
In the next window, choose Use my Internet Connection (VPN).
In the next window, enter your username and password for the VPN access. And click Create. You’re all set if you see the next window as below.
You should see this screen next. Click the Close button to return to the Network and Internet screen.
In the Connect to a network screen, you should see the VPN connection that you have just set up.
Right–click on the VPN connection and choose Properties from the menu.
In VPN Properties select tab Security:
1) click on the Type of VPN – Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
2) select Allow these protocols and tick as shown in the following picture

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  1.’s VPN connection for Win 7 is compatible with its 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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