HTC EVO 4G User Guide

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Tip Looking for something If you dont see it in the headings listed here try the Index on page 185 Introduction. i Your Devices Menu. i Section 1 Getting Started. 1 1A. Setting Up Service. 2 Setting Up Your Device. Activating Your Device. Setting Up Your Voicemail. Sprint Account Passwords. Getting Help. 2 2 3 3 4 Section 2 Your Device. 5 2A. Device Basics. 6 Your Device. 6 Turning Your Device On and Off. 8 Viewing the Display Screen. 9 Battery and Charger. 12 Getting Around Your Device. 13 Displaying Your Phone Number. 14 Making and Answering Calls. 15 Speed Dialing. 19 Dialing Sprint Services. 19 Entering Text. 19 Home Screen. 22 2B. Settings. 26 Personalization Settings. Sound Settings. Display Settings. Location Settings. Messaging Settings. Airplane Mode. TTY Use With Sprint Service. Security Settings. Data Synchronization Settings. Social Network Settings. Application Settings. Date Time Settings. 37 Locale Text Settings. 37 PowerSaving Tips. 37 2C. History. 39 Viewing History. Making a Call From History. Saving a Number From History. Prepending a Number From History. Erasing History. About People. Using the People Screen. Adding a New People Entry. Saving a Phone Number. Using the Contact Details Screen. Merging Entries in People. Editing an Entry in People. Finding Entries in People. Backing Up and Importing Entries in People. Working with Groups. Using the People Widget. Connecting with Your Social Networks. Using Friend Stream. Calendar. Calculator. Clock. Quickoffice. PDF Viewer. HTC Sync. Updating Your Device. People. Calendar and Tools. 54 2F. Voice Services. 69 Automatic Speech Recognition ASR. 69 Managing Voice Memos. 70 2G. microSD Card. 72 Your Devices microSD Card. 72 Using the Devices microSD Card as a USB Drive. 74 2H. Camera and Multimedia. 75 Taking Pictures and Shooting Videos. Viewing Pictures and Videos Using Gallery. Sharing Live Videos with Qik. Listening to Music. Listening to the Radio. Bluetooth. 94 Using Bluetooth. 94 Section 3 Sprint Service. 99 3A. Sprint Service The Basics. 100 Voicemail. Text Messaging SMS and Multimedia Messaging MMS. Caller ID. Call Waiting. Making a 3Way Call. Call Forwarding. Roaming. Ways of Connecting to the Internet. Connecting Using WiFi. Connecting Using Sprint 4G. Getting Started With Data Services. Connecting to a Virtual Private Network VPN. Using the Devices Web Browser. Accessing Email Messages. Google Talk. Downloading Applications and Games From Android Market. Peep. Stocks. Weather. News Feeds. Sprint Mobile Hotspot. Using Your Device as a Modem Internet Sharing. Data Services FAQs. TV. Music MP3 Store. Streaming Music. YouTube. NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. GPS Services. Sprint Navigation. Google Maps. Google Latitude. Footprints. Web and Data Services. 111 3C. Entertainment TV and Music. 148 3D. GPS Navigation. Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information. 165 4A. Important Safety Information. 166 Important Health Information and Safety Precautions. 166 General Precautions. 170 Additional Safety Information. 172 4B. Regulatory Notices. 176 Regulatory Agency Identifications. Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement. SAR Information. Telecommunications Internet Association TIA Safety Information. WEEE Notice. RoHS Compliance. Manufacturers Warranty. Privacy Restrictions. Weather Disclaimer.

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