JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI)

JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI). What is JSNI? Whether the rules. JavaScript object. JSNI practices. Events Discussion ….

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JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI)
What is JSNI?
Them be the rules
Practical JSNI
Handwritten JavaScript in Java
Abusing Java syntax :)
Use Browser APIs Directly
GWT core libraries are built on JSNI
char[] to String, Java
char[] to String, JavaScript
Concat vs. native, char[] to String
Passing values
Value passing, hosted vs. web mode
Java Objects in JSNI, fields
Java Objects in JSNI, methods
Java Objects in JSNI, statics
Accessing the window and document
JavaScript Exceptions
Exception Sandwich
undefined vs. null
JavaScript identity, pick two
Never return undefined
JavaScriptObject and virtual dispatch
JavaScriptObject decoration
JavaScriptObject and implicit upcast
Where does GWT use it?
RPC field serialization
The Violator Pattern
JSON Parsing
Appropriate use of JSNI

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