Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days

2 -. 128 Long Acre Sam’s Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 days by Mark Maslakowski ISBN: 0672319144 Sams й 2000, 532 pages A complete course in using one of the most popular examples ….

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Teach Yourself MySQL in 21. Days by Mark Maslakowski Sams 2000. 532pages. ISBN 0672319144. A complete course in using one of the mostpopular open source databases Table of Contents Back Cover Colleague Comments Synopsis by Stan Miastkowski For those who need a fullpowered relational DBMS without the considerable expense of wellknown commercial products such as Microsoft SQL Server MySQL has quickly become a favorite. This open source database is available for virtually all platforms including the various incarnations of Windows. But like many open source products its documentation is sparse. Enter Teach Yourself MySQL in 21. Days a book that solves the documentation dearth problem with an effective and accessible stepbystep course in the DBMS. No prior SQL experience is assumed so even beginners will benefit from this book Table of Contents Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21. Days 3. Introduction 4. Week 1. At a Glance. What Is MySQL 9. Getting Started 13. Designing Your First Database 21. Creating Your First Database 32. Making Your Data Normal 38. Adding Tables Columns and Indexes to Your Database 43. MySQL Data Types 50. Week 3. Populating the Database 58. Querying the Database 71. Letting MySQL Do the WorkIntrinsic Functions 84. MySQL Table Locks and Assorted Keys 93. How to Get the DataDatabase Interfaces 107. How to Use MyODBC 111. The Perl Database Interface 139. At a Glance Day 14. MySQL and PHP 156. 2. Day 16. Day 17. Day 18. Day 19. Day 20. Day 21. MySQL and Time 171. MySQL Database Security 184. How MySQL Compares 194. Administrating MySQL 204. Optimizing MySQL 219. Putting It All Together 224. Appendix A ASQL Syntax and Commands 271. Appendix B Current MySQL Functions 278.

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