The Ministry of God’s Word

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The matter of serving people with Gods word is called the ministry of the word the person who so serves is called a minister. Ministry points to the matter while minister speaks of the person. The ministry of the word occupies an important place in the work of God. There are definite principles to be learned by those who preach the word of God and serve people with Gods word. From the Old Testament time to the New God always is found speaking. He spoke in the Old Testament days He spoke while the Lord Jesus was on earth and He continues to speak in the New Testament church. We learn from the Bible that God has a prime work to perform on earth which is to utter His own word. If the word of God is taken away then almost nothing is left of Gods work. No word no work. When the word is eliminated the work is reduced to near zero. We must therefore recognize the place of Gods word in His work. Once the word is removed the work of God ceases immediately for God operates through His word He treats His word as His work.
Part ONE THE MINISTER 1. Three Kinds of Ministry 2. The Contents and Delivery of the Word 3. The Course and Ministry of Paul 4. The Peak of the Ministry of the Word Part TWO THE WORD OF GOD 5. The Basis of the Word 6. The Need for the Holy Spirits Interpretation 7. The Need for the Holy Spirits Revelation 8. Gods Word in Christ 9. Knowing Gods Word through Christ Part THREE THE MINISTRY 10. The Foundation of Ministry 11. Revelation and Thought 12. Burden and Word 13. The Discipline of the Holy Spirit and the Word 14. The Word and Memory 15. The Word and Feeling 16. The Word and the Release of the Spirit 17. Some Helps in Speaking Part FOUR THE OBJECTS OF THE WORD 18 The Objects of the Word

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