Tobacco Use and Impotence

Feldman, Henry A., et al, ‘impotence and the medical and psychosocial correlates:. Results the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, Urology 151: ….

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If you smoke, you’re playing Russian roulette with your sexual function.
Dr. John Mulhall, Director, Center for Sexual Health, Loyola University Medical Center
There’s absolutely no question about it. It causes it very commonly.
Dr. Culley Carson, Urology Department Chairman, University of North Carolina
If you smoke, you’re about twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction.
Dr. John McKinlay, New England Research Institute
Smoking is clearly hazardous to your erection.
Dr. Lawrence Levine, Rush Medical Center, Director of Male Sexual Function Program
I feel confident that smoking does and can cause impotence.
Is It More Than Just An Embarrassing Problem?
Is It A Problem That Young Smokers Need To Worry About?

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