Top Ten Reasons to Start Using Cfdesign

CFdesign, make volumes of the external flow or set a mesh … improved to more effective tools in CFdesign CFdesign 2010 ….

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Top Ten Reasons to Start Using Cfdesign
Design Study Environment
The fastest, most flexible environment for setting up single or multi-scenario
flow and thermal design studies.
Decision Center
Innovative tools for assessing performance comparatively against
competing designs as well as specified critical values.
Design Review Center
The ultimate visual design exploration experience built
to simplify and sharpen the decision-making process.
Lightweight Cloning
Quickly create lightweight copies of designs and scenarios to dramatically
reduce the load on computer memory and graphics.
Direct Modeling
Inside CFdesign, create external flow volumes or define a mesh
refinement region, modify by simply pushing or pulling on handles.
Design Study Manager
Create and manage multiple designs and scenarios within your
CAD environment.
Design Study Bar
A handy digital prototyping control panel to create, add, change
and manage multi-scenario design studies.
The CFdesign Answer System
Finding answers to your CFdesign-related questions has never
been easier.
Core i7 Support
Continuing the evolution of CFdesign’s support for high
performance computing, with 2.5x speed up out of the box.
CFdesign 3D Viewer
Share design studies and collaborate with the whole team.
Top Ten Reasons to Start Using
System Requirements
CFdesign 2010 Update Schedule

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