Tuning of Weber Carburetors

Tuning Weber carburetors. Weber carburettors all four circuits. Stationary. Crossover. High speed. Accelerator. Stationary and Crossover – These circuits are ….

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Tuning of Weber carburetors
Idle and Cross-over
High Speed Running
Accelerator Pump
Rules of Thumb

  1. 120 to 125 would be a one step increase.
  2. A one step increase/decrease for AIR CORRECTION JETS is considered to be 20. So going from a 180 to 200 would be one step increase.
  3. An increase in fuel jet size will make the carburetor RICHER, whereas a increase in air correction jet size will make the carburetor LEANER.
  4. A change in main fuel jet will affect fuel mixture over the entire RPM range.
  5. A change in main air correction jet will have greater effect above 5000 RPM
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