U.S. Bancorp Travel Card Program Basics

TSYS is the system of housing data from customers and society … Validate your A / OPC when calling customer service ….

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Fundamentals of The Travel Program
Understanding the Travel Card Program
TSYS = Total Systems
Access Online = U.S. Bank Electronic Access System
A/OPC = Agency Organization Program Coordinator
SPL = Single Purchase Limit
Credit Limit = total amount that can be spent
Cash Limit = used on Travel & Convenience Check accounts
Credit Worthiness = used only for some Agencies Travel Program
MCCG = Merchant Category Code Group
MCC = Merchant Category Code
DAC = Default Accounting Code
TSYS operates with two independent systems Reporting
What is TSYS?
Processing Hierarchy Definitions
When will you use Processing Hierarchy?
Reporting Hierarchy
When will you use Reporting Hierarchy?
Authorization Controls
Roles of A/OPC
Role of Cardholder & Cardholder Compliance Issues
Regular Payment Address
Overnight Payment Address
Tools for Program Management
Tools & Resources for Program Management
U.S. Bank Contacts
Customer Service
Account Coordinators
Relationship Management
Minimizing Delinquencies
Minimizing Delinquencies
Account Status Codes
Collection Process
Reinstatement Process
Maximize Potential Rebate
Measures of Effectiveness

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