User Annotations in Ajax

User annotations in Ajax. This allows users on your website sticky notes to add. Level: Intermediate. Greg Travis ( Vice President, Technology Development for Flip ….

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User annotations in Ajax
Let users add sticky notes to your Web site
Section 1. Before you start
About this tutorial
System requirements
Configuring Firefox to use the sample code
Section 2. What is AJAX?
No page reloading necessary
Interaction among programs
Why learn about AJAX now?
AJAX versus Ajax
Section 3. Create and run the stand-alone JavaScript code
Create hello.js
Install hello.js
Load the stand-alone JavaScript code
Section 4. Working with bookmarklets
The javascript: pseudo-protocol
Load the stand-alone JavaScript code from a bookmarklet
Section 5. Overview of the Stickies system
What is a sticky?
Association with URLs
Transparent persistence
Independent of the underlying Web page
Section 6. Bootstrapping the Stickies code
Rework the bookmarklet code
Execute stickies.js
Section 7. The Sticky class
Create a new sticky
Subclass a DOM object
Section 8. Interacting with the DOM tree
Put a sticky on the page
Add click-and-drag functionality
Add portable event handlers
Section 9. Editable text nodes
Switch between read-only and read-write views
Respond to events
Section 10. Server interaction
Use the DB object
Make an RPC
Submit the RPC
Asynchronous communication
Translating between the JavaScript and Perl languages
Activate the response
Section 11. Server-side storage
Parse the request
Store the sticky data (on-disk format)
Section 12. Summary
Build it yourself first

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