Viruses and spam what you need to know

for protection against spam and viruses, and to impose a political message to the company, visit Web. Viruses and spam ….

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Viruses and spam what you need to know
What is a virus?
How does a virus infect computers?
Trojan horses
What can viruses do?
Slow down email
Steal confidential data
Use your computer to attack websites
Let other users hijack your computer
Corrupt data
Delete data
Disable hardware
Play pranks
Display messages
Damage your credibility
Cause you embarrassment
Where are the virus risks?
Which files can viruses infect?
Boot sectors
Email viruses
Email attachments
Can I get a virus just by reading email?
Internet worms
Can I get a virus from a website?
Backdoor Trojans
Can mobile phones get a virus?
Does Bluetooth carry risks?
Can palmtops get a virus?
Anti-virus software
Who writes viruses?
A brief history of viruses
Is virus writing always wrong?
Preventing viruses
Is spam really a problem?
What is spam?
Spammers know when you’re reading
Anti-spam software
Software that learns which email you want
Won’t anti-spam programs block real email?
The tricks spammers use
Lost in space
The black hole
The tricks spammers use
Invisible ink
The microdot
Return to sender
The tricks spammers use
The numbers game
Slice and dice
Spam and viruses together
How to avoid spam
Never make a purchase from unsolicited email
If you don’t know the sender, delete the email
Never respond to spam or click on links in it
Hoaxes and scams
Why virus hoaxes matter
How to avoid hoaxes
Tips for safer computing
Use firewalls and/or routers
Configure your internet browser for security
Make regular backups of all programs and data
Change your computer’s bootup sequence
Write-protect floppies before giving to other users

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