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these web resources will explain the structural rules for XML and DTD … InDesign / scripts / pdfs / XML indesign_and_xml_technical_reference.pdf ….

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How To Build an InDesign XML run in template for repeating elements
Figure 1. Reviewing the structure of a design and assigning tags to content.
Automatic Tagging
Building the structure
New tags
Importing a DTD
Figure 3. Auto Tag Story
Figure 5. Tags panel.
Figure 6. Applying the repeating element tag to selected content.
Figure 8. InDesign template design completed and ready for import of XML.
Import XML
Validate XML
Figure 7. Applying a tag to selected content.
Sample XML
Mapping tags to styles
Figure 10. Example of Image element with reference to image location
Attribute Description
aid:table defines that the element is a table.
aid:trows total number of rows the table contains
aid:tcols total number of columns the table contains
aid5:tablestyle (ID5 specific), Table Style that formats the table
aid:theader defines cells as being part of a header row.
aid:tfooter defines cells as being part of a footer row
aid5:cellstyle (ID5 specific), Cell Style that formats table cells
aid:crows number of rows across which the cell spans
aid:ccols number of columns across which the cell spans
aid:ccolwidth column width of cell, measured in points
Exporting XML
Figure 11. Example of InDesign Table in XML format
Figure 13. Example pstyle and cstyle attributes used in XML.

Download XML & InDesign pdf from www.indesignusergroup.com, 8 pages, 1338.91KB.