1980 Mazda RX-7 Rear Axle Service and Maintenance Manual

REAR AXLE. 9-A.REAR AXLE SHAFT … Removing Rear Axle Shaft … Disassembling Rear Axle Shaft… Remove the adjuster lodc plates. 4. Remove the bearing caps and adjusters. 5. Remove the differential imembly and bearings.

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1980 Mazda RX-7 Rear Axle Service and Maintenance Manual
9-A.REAR AXLE SHAFT 9. A .1 Removing Rear Axle Shaft .Disassembling Rear Axle Shaft … 9. A .2 Inspecting Rear Axle Shaft and Bearing 9. A .3 Assembling Rear Axle Shaft 9.A-4 9-A-5.Installing Rear Axle Shaft 9 B . REAR AXLE REMOVAL C . REAR AXLE DISASSEMBLY 9 . C 9 1 .. Removing Differential Assembly 9. C .2 . Disassembling Differential 9. C .3 Removing Drive Pinion 9-D.REAR AXLE INSPECTION 91 D .. Checking Drive Pinion and Ring Gear 9-D-2.Checking Differential Gears 9-D-3.Checking Bearings … 9-D-4.Checking Collapsible Spacer 9-D-5.Checking Ol Seal i 9-D-6.Checking Companion Flange 9 E . REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY 9 E .. 1 Adjusting Drive Pinion 9 E .. 2 .Assembling Drive Pinion Assembling Differential 9 E .. 3 Installing Differential 9.E-4 Adjusting Backlash E 9 5 . 9 F . REAR AXLE INSTALLATION
REAR AXLE SHAFT Removing Rear Axle Shaft
Raise the rear end of the vehicle and support the rear axle housing with stands.
1 . Remove the wheel. 2 . Remove the brake drum.
Mount a dial indicator and check the bearing side play by measuring the axle shaft end play.
Standard side play: 0 (0
3. Remove the brake shoe return springs.
4 . Remove the brake shoe assembly.
8. Remove the backing plate attaching nuts. Remove the parking brake cable clip. Disconnect the parking brake cable. Disconnect the brake pipe.
9. Remove the axle shaft and backing plate assembly by using the puller (49 0223 630A) and attachment (49 8501 631).
10. Remove the oil seal.
Do not remove unless the oil seal i s necessary t o replace.
Disassembling Rear Axle Shaft
Using the bearing separator (49 8 531 746) and attachment (49 0259 747), support the spacer and press the axle shaft out of the collar and bearing.
If the bearing separator and attachment are not available, grind off the part of bearing retaining collar and cut it w ith a chisel, taking care not t o damage the axle shaft.
Remove the bearing w i t h the bearing puller (49 0187 520).
Inspecting Rear Axle Shaft and Bearing
After cleaning the parts, inspect them as follows.
Turn the bearing while pressing down on the balls
with finger, and check that the bearing w ill rotate without excessive resistance or dragging.
Do not wash the bearing with gasoline or any other solvent.
Assembling Rear Axle Shaft
1. Install the backing plate and spacer onto the axle shaft with the chamfer of the spacer toward the axle shaft flange.
2. Position the bearing on the axle shaft and press it until the spacer comes in contact with the shoulder of the shaft.
3. Clean the collar and collar mounting part of the axle shaft.
Never apply the oil or grease to collar and axle shaft.
4. Press the new bearing retaining collar onto the axle shaft using the attachment
Installing Rear Axle Shaft
1. Install the oil seal into the axle housing with installer (49 0180 321A). 2. Apply the grease to oil seal lip.
3. Install the rear axle shaft assembly in the reverse order of removing, being careful not to damage the o l seal lip.
Jack up the vehicle until the rear wheels are clear the ground and support it with stands. After draining the oil with the wrench (49 0259 730), remove the following parts. 1. Rear axle shaft (refer to Par. 9-A-1) 2. Propeller shaft (refer to Par. 8-A) 3. Rear axle

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