1999 Cadillac Catera Warranty and Owner Assistance Information

Owner Assistance, service needs both during and after the warranty period. Your Cadillac Catera dealer is best equipped to provide all Vehicle Operation and Care your service needs. In the event you have any questions or Considering the investment you have made in your concerns, talk to a member of dealer management.

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Catera Warranty and Owner Assistance Information
An Important Message to Catera Owners

  • Cadillacs Commitment to You
  • Vehicle Operation and Care
  • Maintenance Records
  • Owner Assistance
  • GM Participation in an Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Warranty Coverage at a Glance

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty Emission Control Systems Warranties

General Motors Corporation New Vehicle Limited Warranty

  • What Is Covered
    • Warranty Applies
    • Repairs Covered
    • Warranty Period
    • Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage
    • Sheet Metal Coverage
    • Corrosion:
    • Rust-Through:
    • Towing
    • Tire Coverage
    • No Charge
    • Obtaining Repairs
  • What Is Not Covered
    • Tire Damage or Wear
    • Damage Due to Accident, Misuse, or Alteration
    • Damage or Corrosion Due to Environment, Chemical Treatments or Aftermarket Products
    • Damage Due to Insufficient or Improper Maintenance
    • Maintenance
    • Extra Expenses
    • Other Terms:

Things You Should Know About the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

  • Warranty Repairs „ Component Exchanges
  • Warranty Repairs „ Recycled Materials
  • Tire Service
  • After-Manufacture RustproofingŽ
  • Paint, Trim and Appearance Items
  • Chemical Paint Spotting
  • Warranty Coverage „ Extensions
    • Time Extensions:
    • Mileage Extensions:
  • Warranty Service „ United States and Canada
  • Touring Owner Service „ Foreign Countries
  • Warranty Service „ Foreign Countries
  • Original Equipment Alterations
  • Recreation Vehicle and Special Body or Equipment Alterations
  • Pre-Delivery Service
  • Production Changes

Emission Control Systems Warranties

  • What Is Covered
  • Federal Emission Control Systems
    • Emission Defect Warranty
    • Emission Performance Warranty
    • Your Rights and Obligations (For Vehicles Subject to California Exhaust Emission Standards)
    • General Motors Warranty Coverage:
    • Owners Warranty Responsibilities:
    • What Is Covered
    • What Is Not Covered
  • Emission Warranty Parts List
    • Federal coverage…
    • California coverage…
    • Powertrain Control System
    • Fuel Management System
    • Air Management System
    • Ignition System
    • Catalytic Converter System
    • Positive Crankcase Ventilation System
    • Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
    • Secondary Air Injection System
    • Evaporative Emission Control System (Gasoline Engines)
    • Miscellaneous Items Used in Above Systems
  • Things You Should Know About the Emission Control Systems Warranties
    • Replacement Parts
    • Accordingly, it is recommended that any replacement parts used for maintenance or for the repair of emission control systems be new, genuine GM parts.
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Claims Procedure

Owner Assistance

  • Customer Satisfaction Procedure
    • STEP ONE „ Discuss your concern with a member
    • of dealer management.
    • contact the owner of the dealer facility
    • STEP TWO „
    • contact the Cadillac
    • Customer Assistance Center
    • We encourage you to call the toll-free number in
    • order to give your inquiry prompt attention.
    • STEP THREE „
  • Assistance For Text Telephone (TTY) Users
  • Cadillac Roadside Assistance
  • Cadillac Courtesy Transportation
  • State Warranty Enforcement Laws
  • Special Policy Adjustment Programs Beyond the Warranty Period
  • Customer Assistance Offices
    • United States
    • Canada
    • All Overseas Locations
    • Caribbean Numbers
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