2002 Buick Rendezvous Owner Manual

it appears in this manual. Please keep this manual in your vehicle, so it will be there if you ever need it when you’re on the road. If you sell the vehicle, please leave this manual in it so the new owner can use it.

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2002 Buick Rendezvous Owner Manual
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For Canadian Owners Who Prefer a French Language Manual:
Aux proprietaires canadiens: Vous pouvez vous procurer un exemplaire de ce guide en français chez votre concessionaire ou au: Helm, Incorporated P.O. Box 07130 Detroit, MI 48207
Safety Warnings and Symbols
You will find a number of safety cautions in this book. We use a box and the word CAUTION to tell you about things that could hurt you if you were to ignore the warning.
About Driving Your Vehicle
As with other vehicles of this type, failure to operate this vehicle correctly may result in loss of control or an accident. See Your Driving, the Road and Your Vehicle in the Index.
These mean there is something that could hurt you or other people. In the caution area, we tell you what the hazard is. Then we tell you what to do to help avoid or reduce the hazard. Please read these cautions. If you don\’t, you or others could be hurt.
How to Use this Manual
Many people read their owner\’s manual from beginning to end when they first receive their new vehicle. If you do this, it will help you learn about the features and controls for your vehicle. In this manual, you\’ll find that pictures and words work together to explain things quickly.
You will also find a circle with a slash through it in this book. This safety symbol means Don\’t, Don\’t do this or Don\’t let this happen.
When you read other manuals, you might see CAUTION and NOTICE warnings in different colors or in different words. You\’ll also see warning labels on your vehicle. They use the same words, CAUTION or NOTICE.
Vehicle Symbols
Your vehicle may be equipped with components and labels that use symbols instead of text. Symbols, used on your vehicle, are shown along with the text describing the operation or information relating to a specific component, control, message, gage or indicator. If you need help figuring out a specific name of a component, gage or indicator reference the following topics in the Index: D Engine Compartment Overview D Instrument Panel D Comfort Controls D Audio Systems Also see Warning Lights and Gages in the Index. Here are some examples of symbols you may find on your vehicle:
Vehicle Damage Warnings
Also, in this book you will find these notices:
These mean there is something that could damage your vehicle. In the notice area, we tell you about something that can damage your vehicle. Many times, this damage would not be covered by your warranty, and it could be costly. But the notice will tell you what to do to help avoid the damage.

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