2004 Mazda3 Quick Tips

If you do ever have to take your Mazda in for repairs dont worry youre covered. With the Mazda Transportation Solution you will be given a loaner car at no charge when your Mazda vehicle is in for warranty repairs.

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2004 Mazda3 Quick Tips
Power window switches see Switches 2. Door locks see Locks 3. Mirror controls see Switches 4. Xenon headlight leveling switch see Getting Started 5. Air vents 6. Turn signallighting control lever see Getting Started 7. Fog light switch see Getting Started 8. Audio control switches see Getting Started. 9HornAir bag To beep Press 10. Cruise control see Getting Started 11. Wiperwasher control lever see Getting Started 12. Hazard warning switch Push to activate deactivate 13. NAVI display Locates street addresses points of interest or cross streets See your Owners Manual for additional operating information 14. Information display see Owners Manual 15. Audio system see Audio Systems 16. Passenger air bag 17. Bottle holder CAUTION Use plastic bottles with caps cups may spill when door is closed 18. Passenger junction box 1. 9NAVI DVD 20. Climate control panel see Climate Controls 21. Cigarette lighter 22. Ashtray 23. NAVI remote control 24. Parkingbrake lever To engage Pull up. To release Pull up slightly while depressing button at front of lever lower parking brake lever Center console Cup holder Gearshift lever see Transaxle Passenger air bag off indicator see Getting Started Tilttelescopic steering wheel lever see Getting Started Hood release handle Pull to open partially Instrument cluster lighting see Getting Started Storage Fuelfiller lid release To open Pull lever up Remote trunklid release 4Door only To open Pull lever up If equipped Always check the Owners Manual for more operating information and safety features Drivers View.
Turn signallighting control lever OFF Lights off Tail parking and dashboard lights on Rotate knob 1 to first notch Tail parking dashboard and headlights on Rotate knob 1 to second notch High beams onoff Push forwardpull back to detent Wiperwasher control lever Single wipe Push lever 1 up Washer Pull back also operates wipers Intermittent wiper One click down Normal wiper speed Two clicks down Highspeed wiper Three clicks down To flash high beams Pull back slightly and release Turn signals rightleft move lever updown Fog lights on Rotate 2 functions only with headlight low beams on Tip Headlights switch off parking lights remain on if lights are left on and switch is in lock position or key removed 1 2 REAR 1 2 Rear window wiperwasher 5Door only To activate rear interval wiper Rotate knob 2 up to INT To activate rear normal speed wiper Rotate knob 2 up to ON To activate rear washer Rotate knob 1 to and release 1 4 ON OFF SET ACCEL CANCEL SET COAST 2 3 Cruise control Operates above 19 mph Press MAIN 1 to turn system onoff To set speed Accelerate to desired speed and press SETCOAST 3 To accelerate Press and hold RESUMEACCEL 2 release button at desired speed To decelerate Press and hold SETCOAST 3 release button at desired speed Incremental acceleration Press and release 2 each tap plus 1 mph Incremental deceleration Press and release 3 each tap minus 1 mph To cancel Press CANCEL 4 or MAIN 1 tap brake pedal or depress clutch pedal CassetteCDMD Press 2 to select next selectiontrack Press 3 to select AM FM 1 FM 2 Tape CD and MD mode Press 4 to mute 1 VOL MODE 2 3 4 Steeringwheel audio controls To increase decrease volume Press 1 Radio Press 2 to select preset stations If equipped Always check the Owners Manual for more operating information and safety features Getting Started.
Quick Tips Mazda MAZDA3 page 8 page 9 Instrument Cluster INSTRUMENT CLUSTER. Fuel gauge 145gallon55liter tank 20L and 23L engines 2. Engine coolant temperature gauge Stop car if above normal range turn off engine let vehicle cool check coolant level when safe. Instrument cluster dimmer select button see Getting Started 8. Manual mode gear indicator AT only Displays current gear position Speedometer Tachometer OdometerTrip meter OdometerTrip meter selector Press to view odometer press again to reset trip odometer AB settings W ARNING LIGHTS CRUISE Cruise control on see Getting Started CRUISE MAIN Cruise control main power on see Getting Started TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System see Getting Started Turn signalshazard warning on High beams on Engine oilpressure warning light Stop car when safe and turn off engine check oil level Brake system Parking brake onlow brake fluid Always fasten seat belts Security indicator light Lights on Charging system warning light Charging system malfunction dealer inspection required Air bagfront seat belt pretensioner system If light flashes or stays on the air bagsfront seat belt pretensioners may not operate in an accident dealer inspection required Doorajar Power steering malfunction Dealer inspection required if light remains on Check engine Dealer inspection required O Low fuel Automatic transaxle warning light Automatic transaxle malfunction dealer inspection required Antilock Brake System ABS ABS malfunction normal brakes only dealer inspection required When brake pedal is pressed ABS automatically reduces hydraulic pressure to any wheel on the verge of locking up You may feel a slight pulsing of the brake pedal and hear a clicking noise this tells you the ABS is functioning properly increase pressure on pedal for maximum braking Tips Maintain constant pressure on the brake pedal Do not pump the brakes If equipped Always check the Owners Manual for more operating information and safety features Instrument Cluster

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