2006 Mazda5 Quick Tips Guide

Power windows Ignition must be on All windows controlled from the driver’s armrest; passenger doors have separate switches 1. Driver’s window: One-touchdown; push down firmly and release…

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2006 Mazda5 Quick Tips Guide
High beams on/off: Push forward/pull back to detent AUTO = With ignition switch in ON position; headlights and exterior lights automatically turn ON/OFF depending on surrounding darkness/lightness; rotate knob (1) to third notch To flash high beams: Pull back slightly and release Turn signals right/left: move lever up/down = Fog lights on: Rotate (2); functions only with low beams on Tip: Headlights switch off, parking lights remain on, if lights are left on and switch is in lock position or key removed Tilt/telescopic steeringwheel lever Pull lever (3) up to unlock column, position tilt angle and length of steering 3 column position WARNING: Do not adjust steering-wheel while driving Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning light illuminates for a few seconds after ignition is on If tire pressure is too high or too low, or tire temperature is too high, warning light will illuminate and beeper will sound Flashing warning light indicates possible malfunction; dealer inspection required
Turn signal/lighting control lever OFF = Lights off = Tail, parking and dashboard lights on: Rotate knob (1) to first notch = Tail, parking, dashboard and headlights on: Rotate knob (1) to second notch
Rain sensor senses rain amount on windshield, then controls wiper automatically Rain sensor sensitivity is adjusted from high sensitivity (+) to less sensitivity (-) by rotating ring (2) Rear window wiper/washer To activate rear interval wiper: Rotate knob (1) up to INT To activate rear normal speed wiper: Rotate knob (1) up to ON To activate rear washer: Rotate knob (1) to and release.
Liftgate Liftgate opens in 2 positions, first position is slightly lower than fully open position, do not use excessive force while pushing liftgate to fully open position Fuel filler door Located on passenger side
Denotes optional equipment.
Always check the Owner\’s Manual for more operating information and safety features
1. Tachometer 2. Speedometer 3. Gear indicator (A/T only) Displays current gear position.
5 6. Odometer/Trip meter selector Press to view odometer; press again to reset trip odometer A/B settings 7. Odometer/Trip meter 8. Instrument cluster dimmer select button.
4. Engine coolant temperature gauge Stop car if above normal range, turn off engine, let vehicle cool; check coolant level when safe 5. Fuel gauge 15.9-gallon/60-liter tank.
Cruise control main power on, see Getting Started Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), see Getting Started Turn signals/hazard warning on High beams on Engine oil-pressure warning light Stop car when safe and turn off engine; check oil level Brake system Parking brake on/low brake fluid
Charging system warning light Charging system malfunction; dealer inspection required  Air bag/front seat belt pretensioner system If light flashes or stays on, the air bags/front seat belt pretensioners may not operate in an accident; dealer inspection required  Power steering malfunction Dealer inspection required if light remains on
Check engine Dealer inspection required if light remains on, see Owner\’s Manual
AT Automatic transaxle warning light Automatic transaxle malfunction; dealer inspection required  O Low fuel Low washer fluid level warning light  Door ajar  Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) ABS malfunction, normal brakes only; dealer inspection required
Denotes optional equipment
1 Manual door locks Lock button To lock: Press front 2 3 of button (2) toward door handle To unlock: Pull front of button away from door handle Power door locks Master front door locks switches To lock/unlock all doors: Press bottom/top of switch (3) To lock doors without key: With door open, press bottom of door lock switch, exit car, close doors To unlock: Use key to unlock driver\’s front door, rotate key to counterclockwise position for more than one second to unlock other doors

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