2007 MazdaSpeed 6 Quick Tips

This Quick Tips guide is provided by Mazda Motor of America, Inc. to make your Mazda ownership experience more convenient. It is not intended to replace your Owner’s Manual.

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2007 MazdaSpeed 6 Quick Tips
1. Power window switches, see Getting Started 2. Power door locks 3. Dual power mirrors 4. Headlight leveling switch Adjusts headlight angle to compensate for weight of passengers and cargo, adjustable from highest (0) to lowest (3) positions, see Owner\’s Manual 5. Air vents 6. Instrument panel lighting 7. DSC Traction Control/ OFF Dynamic Control System off, see Driving Tips 8. Turn signal/lighting control lever, see Driver Controls 9. Horn/air bag 10. Wiper/washer control lever, see Driver Controls
11. Clock/set buttons, see Information Display 12. NAVI screen tilt* 13. Storage or NAVI system* NAVI system is used to locate street addresses, points of interest or cross streets: see your Owner\’s Manual for additional operating information 14. Information display, see Information Display 15. Open/close NAVI screen* 16. AMB, see Information Display 17. Hazard warning switch, Press on/off 18. Audio system, see Audio Systems 19. Climate control panel, see Climate Controls 20. Passenger air bag off indicator, see Safety 21. Ashtray/lighter
22. Gearshift lever, see Transmission 23. Cup holder 24. Heated seats* 25. Console 26. Accessory socket 27. Parking brake lever 28. NAVI system remote control* 29. Cruise control 30. Tilt/telescopic steering-wheel lever 31. Audio control switches, see Audio Systems 32. Storage 33. Hood release handle 34. Bottle holder CAUTION: Use plastic bottles with caps, cups may spill when door is closed 35. Remote fuel-door release
*Denotes optional equipment.
1. Tachometer 2. Speedometer 3. Fuel gauge 4. Odometer/tripmeter selector Press to select among trip A, trip B, and odometer Press and hold to reset selected trip meter 5. Odometer/tripmeter 6. Engine coolant temperature gauge If above normal range, stop vehicle and turn off engine, check coolant level when safe

11. OFF Traction Control/ Anti-lock Brake Dynamic Control System off System (ABS) ABS malfunction, normal brakes 12. Always fasten only, dealer inspection required seat belts 8. Dynamic Stability 13. CRUISE Cruise control Control (DSC), CRUISE see Driving Tips 14. MAIN Cruise control main power on 9. 4WD 15. Turn signals/hazard 10. Air bag readiness warning on Front, side and curtain air bag malfunction; warning light 16. High beams on constantly flashes or stays on or never comes on with ignition 17. Low fuel on, dealer inspection required 18. Brake system Parking brake on/low fluid level 7.
Check engine Dealer inspection required Charging system warning light Dealer inspection required Engine oil pressure warning light Door ajar Immobilizer system on. Tip: Lights switch off automatically within 30 seconds if lights are left on and switch is in lock position or key removed. Rear window defogger Press on/off; shuts off with ignition or automatically after 15 minutes of operation; also operates heated side mirrors* 6. OFF
Automatic operation Press AUTO (9) for automatic operation; rotate outer dial to set temperature, see Owner\’s Manual Tip: Automatic climate control display viewed via information display, see below A B
Tips: To prevent moisture buildup, never drive with system off Objects placed under the front seats may interfere with air flow to the rear Tip: When setting navigation system clock, first move vehicle outside, clock may not be set when vehicle is parked inside an enclosed area due to satellite interference AMB* Press AMB button (2) to display ambient temperature, press again to switch display to temperature set for air conditioner Tip: To change from Fahrenheit to Centigrade or vice versa: Press AMB button (2) for 2 seconds or more
*Denotes optional equipment

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