2008 Mazda5 Quick Tips Guide

See Owner’s Manual for additional information on this feature and the air bag system. Always check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information and safety features. For complete details and operating instructions, see your Owner’s Manual.

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2008 Mazda5 Quick Tips Guide
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ABS automatically reduces hydraulic pressure to any wheel on the verge of locking up. You may feel a slight pulsing of the brake pedal and hear a clicking noise; this tells you the ABS is functioning properly; increase pressure on pedal for maximum braking. Tips: Maintain constant pressure on the brake pedal. Do not pump the brakes. ABS self test A self-diagnostic test is performed when starting; you may feel some brake pedal pulsation and hear some noise, this is normal.

Fuel filler door Located on passenger side. Gas cap After filling vehicle with gasoline, fully reinstall gas cap by turning clockwise until a clicking sound is heard, if gas cap is not fully installed, Check Engine light may come on. For more information on Check Engine light, see Owner\’s Manual. Trailer towing Never tow a trailer with your MAZDA5.
Steering-wheel audio controls To increase/decrease volume: Press (20). Radio: Press / (21) less than one second to select next/previous preset station, press / (21) more than one second until beep sound is heard to seek next/previous station. CD: Press (21) to select next track, press (21) to repeat current track. Press (22) to select AM, FM 1, FM 2, CD and external audio devices. Press (23) to mute Audio system, activate Navigation Voice Command* or for Bluetooth hands-free system* , see Getting Started. Navigation/Audio system* Press TUNE/AUDIO dial to display audio system screen on NAVI system, see Navigation Owner\’s Manual.
Tip: Clutch uses same reservoir as brakes. 6. Fuse block Push latch in; lift cover. 7. Air filter 8. Hood latch Pull up to release hood. 9. Engine oil dipstick Fluid should be between Full and Low on dipstick; do not 11 10 12 9 8 76 fill above Full. 2.3-liter Engine 10. Power steering fluid reservoir 1. Engine coolant reservoir 3. Automatic transaxle Level should be between Level should be between COLD fluid dipstick* MIN and MAX lines. FILL RANGE indicator marks. Check with transaxle in park, 11. Windshield washer engine on and at operating WARNING: Never remove reservoir temperature; fluid level must coolant reservoir cap while Fill with windshield washer fluid. be between the indicator engine is running or hot; 12. Cooling system cap marks on the dipstick. remove only when system Tip: Check all fluids with is cool. 4. Battery vehicle parked on a level 5. Brake/clutch fluid reservoir surface and engine off 2. Engine oil filler cap Fill to MAX mark with DOT 3 Use 5W-20 engine oil. unless otherwise stated. fluid; check with cap on.
Break-in period First 600 miles: Avoid heavy braking and acceleration; drive at varying road and engine speeds. Tip: Follow similar procedures with newly overhauled engine or when brakes are replaced. Maintenance notes: Rotate tires every 7,500 miles or sooner if needed. Replace cabin air filter every 25,000 miles or 24 months. Replace (FL22)* engine coolant at 120,000 miles. WARNING: Using coolant other than FL22 requires more frequent maintenance intervals. Tip: For severe driving conditions, Owner\’s Manual recommends changing oil and filter at 5,000  miles.
A. Replace: Engine oil and filter  Lubricate: All locks and hinges B . Inspect: Fuel lines and hoses, brake lines, hoses and connections, steering operation and linkages, front and rear suspension and ball joints, drive-shaft dust boots Tighten: Bolts/nuts on chassis/body C . Inspect: Drive belts (tension) Replace: Air filter D. Inspect: Hoses and tubes for emission system Replace: Engine coolant (Other than FL22) E . Inspect: Engine valve clearance Replace: Spark plugs F . Inspect: Disc brakes G. Inspect: Exhaust system and heat shields

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