American Express Business Travel Corporate Cards

American Express entity with whom you have a business …. Our recognition at the BttB Awards can be attributed to an excellent team effort and to an integrated partnership with our service provider American Express Business Travel

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Benefits at a glance

  • Annual savings of $5.3 million
  • Comprehensive control and high level of policy compliance
  • Employee satisfaction levels reach 90%
  • Strategic partnership

To achieve these goals,
Pfizer Australia focused on optimising every aspect of their travel program, including:

  • A strategic travel policy
  • A high level of policy compliance
  • Maximum cost savings
  • The highest levels of traveller safety and comfort
  • Optimum levels of employee satisfaction

A strategic travel policy
High level of policy compliance
Maximising cost savings
Highest levels of traveller safety,
comfort and satisfaction
Annual savings reach $5.3 million
According to Scott Dennis, a total of $5.3m is saved annually due to:

  • Advance purchases
  • Use of non-refundable tickets
  • International route deals
  • Procurement negotiations and online booking savings

Control at the core pays off
Employee satisfaction levels approach 90%
Strategic partnership

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