California 2011 Tax Tables

2011 tax tables. Entering the tax tables in the new add-on system is the responsibility of the customer. California State tax tables to be printed ….

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California 2011 Tax Tables
Entering new tax tables into the Add-On system is the responsibility of the client. The California State Tax tables are printed below. Please verify before entering them into your payroll systems that they are valid using EDD Publication DE44 or downloading them from, select Rates & Withholding. The 2011 California SDI Withholding Rate increased to 1.2%. The SDI Taxable Wage limit remains unchanged at $93,316 per employee with the maximum to withhold being $1,119.79 The Employment Training Tax remains at 0.1% for 2011
The Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage limit remains at $7,000.00 for 2011

Download California 2011 Tax Tables pdf from, 3 pages, 71.86KB.