Dopod 818 Pro Quick Start Guide

Before you start using your Dopod 818 Pro, you must install a SIM card and a charged battery. The SIM card contains your phone number and service details, and it stores phonebook entries and your messages.

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Dopod 818 Pro Quick Start Guide
2. The Dopod 818 Pro
16 POWER Button
17 Infrared Port
18 Car Antenna
19 Self-Portrait Mirror
20 Camera Lens
21 RESET Button
22 Sync Connector
23 Earphone Jack
24 Microphone
AC adapter
USB cable
Stereo headset
Install and charge the battery
Check the battery power
Turn on your Dopod 818 Pro
4. Making a Call
The Phone screen
Make a call
5. Synchronizing Outlook Information
PC requirement to run ActiveSync 4.1
6. Setting Up an E-mail Account
7. Sending a Message
8. Browsing the Internet
9. Using the Camera and Pictures & Videos
Capture a still image
Capture a video clip
Use the Pictures & Videos program
10. Entering Information
Input method
11. Status Indicators
12. Customizing your Dopod 818 Pro
Customize the Today screen

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