Drilling Technology and Costs

property is necessary for estimating costs for EGS drilling to a depth of 10,000 ft (32,800 … and gas well drilling is very similar to geothermal resources, it can be .. ..

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Drilling Technology and Costs
6.4.2 Wellcost Lite model description  …6­19
6.5.1 Base­case geothermal wells …6­19
6.5.2  Comparison with geothermal wells  …6­22
6.5.3 Comparison with oil and gas wells  …6­22
6.5.4 Model input parameter sensitivities and drilling­cost breakdown …6­23
6.6 Emerging Drilling Technologies …6­27
6.6.1 Current oil and gas drilling technologies adaptable to EGS  …6­27
6.6.2 Revolutionary drilling technologies  …6­28
6.7 Conclusions …6­29
References …6­31
Appendices …6­33
A.6.1 Well­Cost Data  …6­33
A.6.2 Wellcost Lite Model  …6­37
A.6.2.1 Background and brief history of the development of Wellcost Lite …6­37
A.6.2.2 Wellcost Lite – How does the cost model work?  …6­37
A.6.3 Model Results for Specific Areas and Depths  …6­49
A.6.4 Model Results for Reworked Wells  …6­51
A.6.4.1 Rig on drilling/deepening 460 m (1,500 ft)/rig still on the well …6­51
A.6.4.2 Rig on drilling/sidetracked lateral/as a planned part of the well design …6­51
A.6.4.3 Reworks/rig has to be mobilized/add a lateral for
production maintenance/a work­over  …6­51
A.6.4.4 Redrills to enhance production/a work­over/rig to be mobilized  …6­51

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