Eclipse and Java: Using the Debugger Companion Tutorial Document

Beginning Eclipse Tutorial on ArcTech Software LLC website. Written tutorial… This document is designed to accompany the Eclipse And Java: Using the Debugger video tutorial, which is available at

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Eclipse and Java: Using the Debugger Companion Tutorial Document
Introduction & Setup…1
Playing the Lessons…2
Closed Captions and Lesson Table of Contents…2
Tutorial Target Audience…2
Tutorial Objectives…2
Tutorial Approach…3
Getting The Most From This Tutorial…3
Sample Java Application – Personal Lending Library…3
Downloading and Installing Eclipse…4
Lesson Outlines…5
General Resources… …6
Eclipse Websites…6
Java Websites… 6
Eclipse Books…7
Java Books… …7
Lesson 1
Discuss Tutorial Target Audience
Introduce Debugger concepts
Create Java project in Eclipse using Import from archive file
Run MyLibrary main method in debug mode
Learn how to use Step Over, Step Into, and Step Return commands to step through program
Lesson 2
Apply Step Filters
Learn more about Step commands
Use multiple breakpoints and Resume command
Use Run to Line command
Explore Stack Frames and Variables view
Inspecting expressions
Lesson 3
Use the Expressions view and Watch Expressions
Use the Display view to create Watch Expressions
Debug with JUnit tests
Start debugging the MyLibrary class
Select Expressions using short-cut keys
Lesson 4
Use Exception Breakpoints
Set Eclipse Debugger preferences
Correct bugs with hot code replacement
Use Drop To Frame to rewind a debug session
Change the value of variables inside a debug session
Lesson 5
Implement breakpoints options: conditional breakpoint, hit counts
Set watchpoints (field breakpoints) and Class Prepare breakpoints
Use the Stop at main (open debug run dialog)
Use the Suspend command
Use the Step into selection command
Lesson 6
Debug into Java system classes (e.g., ArrayList)
Use the debugger to illustrate Java object references and the String .equals() method
Lesson 7
Use the debugger to understand a recursive method
Use the Drop to Frame command with stack frames to rewind the debug session

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