Flute Sonata BWV 1031

March 31, 2009 … It is elegant because it was written a sonata for flute, it’s more … JS Bach, Sonata for Flute BWV 1031, transposed for treble ….

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Flute Sonata BWV 1031
Transposed from Eb major to G Major
For Alto Recorder and Keyboard and typeset by Peter Billam
Johann Sebastian Bach has left us three flute sonatas with obbligato keyboard parts: the great sonata in B minor BWV 1030 (available in C minor for alto recorder from Universal EditionĀ  18748), this sonata in Eb major BWV 1031, and the sonata in A major BWV 1032 (available in C major for alto recorder from www.pjb.com.au). Recorder players have several ways of playing this sonata. On a Voice Flute it can be played up one semitone in E major, and a harpsichordist should also be able to perform this transposition at sight from a standard edition in Eb; alternatively, a Voice Flute at A 415 would allow a harpsichord at A 440 to read directly in Eb. On a Tenor recorder it can be played down one semitone in D major, or a Tenor recorder at A 440 would allow a harpsichord at A 415 to read directly in Eb.

Download Flute Sonata BWV 1031 pdf from www.pjb.com.au, 18 pages, 745.33KB.