Handbook on Arizona’s Sunset & Sunrise Review

The Handbook on Arizona’s Sunset and Sunrise Review is a guide for parties involved in the sunset and sunrise review of state agencies, boards, commissions, institutions and programs (agencies)

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Handbook on Arizona\’s Sunset & Sunrise Review
Role of Participants
Joint Legislative Audit Committee…2
Office of the Auditor General…5
Committees of Reference…6
Agency Subject to Review…7
Legislative Staff…7
Committees of Reference (Forty-ninth Legislature)
House of Representatives…9
Sunset Review Process
Conducting a Sunset Review
Auditor General Conducts Performance Audit…12
Committee of Reference Conducts Performance Audit…17
Sunrise Review Process
Conducting a Sunrise Review
Conducting a Sunrise Review…23

Download Handbook on Arizona's Sunset & Sunrise Review pdf from www.azleg.gov, 28 pages, 122.44KB.
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