MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) User Guide

MacBook is designed so that you can quickly configure and start … MacBook. If you already have a Mac, you can use automatic ….

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MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) User Guide
Chapter 1: Ready, Set Up, Go
9 What’s in the Box
9 Setting Up Your MacBook
16 Putting Your MacBook to Sleep or Shutting It Down
Chapter 2: Life with Your MacBook
20 Basic Features of Your MacBook
22 Keyboard Features of Your MacBook
24 Ports on Your MacBook
26 Using the Multi-Touch Trackpad
30 Using the MacBook Battery
31 Getting Answers
Chapter 3: Boost Your MacBook
37 Replacing the Hard Disk Drive
46 Installing Additional Memory
50 Making Sure Your MacBook Recognizes the New Memory
Chapter 4: Problem, Meet Solution
52 Problems That Prevent You from Using Your MacBook
56 Using Apple Hardware Test
57 Problems with Your Internet Connection
60 Problems with AirPort Extreme Wireless Communication
60 Keeping Your Software Up to Date
61 Reinstalling the Software That Came with Your MacBook
63 Learning More, Service, and Support
65 Locating Your Product Serial Number
Chapter 5: Last, but Not Least
68 Important Safety Information
71 Important Handling Information
74 Understanding Ergonomics
76 Apple and the Environment
77 Regulatory Compliance Information
Looking for Something?
84 Index

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