Mazda RX-2 and 616 Workshop Manual – Cooling System

COOLING SYSTEM. The completely sealed cooling system consists of a corrugated tin type radiator with sealed tiller cap,ex- pansion tank with pressure cap.

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Mazda RX-2 and 616 Workshop Manual –  Cooling System
The cooling system should be flushed every -18.000 km (32.000 miles) or every two years. The flushing procedures are as follows:

  1. Open the drain cocks and drain the coolant.
  2. Close the drain cocks and supply clean soft water(demineralized water). Note; If necessary, use cleaning solution to loosen the rust and scale. according to the instructions given by the maker of the cleaning solution.
  3. Run the engine for about one hour keeping the normal operating temperature.
  4. Drain the coolant completely and flush clean water through the cooling system in the direction opposite to the normal coolant flow. This action causes the water to get behind the corrosive deposits and force them out.
  5. Fill with a mixture of MAZDA genuine long life coolant and soft water (demineralized water).

The radiator is of a coorrugated fin type with a sealed filler cap. The capacity of the radiator is 2.6 liters (0.? U.S. gallons. 0.6 imp. gallons). Examine the radiator carefully for leakage. If any
leakage should be discovered. however small it may

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