The Java Web Services Tutorial

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The JavaTM Web Services TutorialFor Java Web Services Developer’s Pack, v1.6
Customizing JAXB Bindings Scope Scope Inheritance What is Not Supported JAXB APIs and Tools
Chapter 2:Using JAXB …25
General Usage Instructions Description Using the Examples Configuring and Running the Samples JAXB Compiler Options About the Schema-to-Java Bindings Schema-Derived JAXB Classes Basic Examples Unmarshal Read Example Modify Marshal Example Create Marshal Example Unmarshal Validate Example Validate-On-Demand Example Customizing JAXB Bindings Why Customize? Customization Overview Customize Inline Example Datatype Converter Example External Customize Example Fix Collides Example Bind Choice Example.

Chapter 3:Streaming API for XML …87
Why StAX? Streaming Versus DOM Pull Parsing Versus Push Parsing StAX Use Cases Comparing StAX to Other JAXP APIs StAX API Cursor API Iterator API Choosing Between Cursor and Iterator APIs. Using StAX StAX Factory Classes Resources, Namespaces, and Errors Reading XML Streams Writing XML Streams Sun\’s Streaming Parser Implementation SJSXP JAR Files Reporting CDATA Events SJSXP Factories Implementation Sample Code Configuring Your Environment for Running the Samples Running the Samples Sample XML Document Further Information

Chapter 4:Introduction to XML and Web Services Security . 127
Overview 128 Does XWS-Security Implement Any Specifications? 130 On Which Technologies Is XWS-Security Based? 132 Interoperability with Other Web Services 133 What is the XWS-Security Framework? 134 Configuring Security Configuration Files 135 Understanding Security Configuration Files 135 XWS-Security Configuration File Schema 139 Semantics of Security Configuration File Elements 145 How Do I Specify the Security Configuration for the Build Files? 171 Are There Any Sample Applications Demonstrating XWS-Security? 174 Writing SecurityEnvironmentHandlers 177 Using the SubjectAccessor API 196 Useful XWS-Security Command-Line Tools 197 pkcs12import 197 keyexport 199 wscompile 200 Troubleshooting XWS-Security Applications 200viCONTENTSFurther Information202

Chapter 5: Understanding and Running the XWS-Security Sample Applications
Setting Up To Use XWS-Security With the Sample Applications Setting System Properties Configuring a JCE Provider Setting Up the Application Server For the Examples Setting Build Properties Simple Security Configurations Sample Application Plugging in Security Configurations Simple Sample Security Configuration Files Running the Simple Sample Application JAAS Sample Application JAAS Sample Security Configuration Files Setting Up For the JAAS-Sample Running the JAAS-Sample Application XWS-Security APIs Sample Application The XWSSProcessor Interface API-Sample Client Code The API Sample Security Configuration Files Building and Running the API Sample Application Soap With Attachments Sample Application The SwA Interop Scenarios SwA Sample Configuration Files Running the SwA Sample Application SAML Sample Application SAML Interop Scenarios SAML Interop Sample Configuration Files Running the SAML Interop Sample Dynamic Policy Sample Application Security Configuration Files for Enabling Dynamic Policy Setting Security Policies at Runtime Running the Dynamic Policy Sample Application Dynamic Response Sample Application Security Configuration Files for Enabling Dynamic Response Using the CallbackHandler to Enable Dynamic Response Running the Dynamic Response Sample Application Further Information.

Chapter 6:Java XML Digital Signature API … 265
How XWS-Security and XML Digital Signature API Are Related XML Security Stack Package Hierarchy Service Providers Introduction to XML Signatures Example of an XML Signature XML Digital Signature API Examples validate Example genenveloped Example.

Chapter 7:Using the Service Registry Web Console … 283Getting Started With the Web Console Starting the Web Console Changing the Default Language Searching the Registry Using the Search Menu Selecting a Query Searching by Object Type Searching by Name and Description Searching by Classification Viewing Search Results Viewing Object Details Using the Explore Menu Publishing and Managing Registry Objects Publishing Objects Adding a Classification to an Object Adding an External Identifier to an Object Adding an External Link to an Object Adding Custom Information to an Object Using Slots Adding a Postal Address to an Organization or User Adding a Telephone Number to an Organization or User Adding an Email Address to an Organization or User Adding a User to an Organization Adding a Child Organization to an Organization Adding a Service Binding to a Service Adding a Specification Link to a Service Binding Adding a Child Concept to a Classification Scheme or Concept Changing the State of Objects Removing Objects. Creating Relationships Between Objects

Chapter 8:Developing Clients for the Service Registry …1
Overview of JAXR About Registries and Repositories About JAXR JAXR Architecture About the Examples Setting Up a JAXR Client Starting the Registry Getting Access to the Registry Establishing a Connection to the Registry Obtaining and Using a RegistryService Object Querying a Registry Basic Query Methods JAXR Information Model Interfaces Finding Objects by Name Finding Objects by Type Finding Objects by Classification Finding Objects by External Identifier Finding Objects by External Link Finding Objects by Unique Identifier Finding Objects You Published Retrieving Information About an Object Using Declarative Queries Using Iterative Queries Invoking Stored Queries Querying a Registry Federation Publishing Objects to the Registry Creating Objects Saving Objects in the Registry Managing Objects in the Registry Creating Relationships Between Objects: Associations Storing Items in the Repository Organizing Objects Within Registry Packages Changing the State of Objects in the Registry Removing Objects From the Registry and Repository Further Information.

Chapter 9:Administering the Service Registry … 69About the Admin Tool Starting the Admin Tool Batch Mode Interactive Mode Admin Tool Command-line Options Using the Admin Tool Permissions Displaying Exceptions Identifying Registry Objects The Effect of Locale on Specifying Names Case Sensitivity Using Admin Tool Commands add association add user cd chown cp echo help lcd ls pwd quit rm select set show users Other Administration Tasks Backing Up and Restoring the Database.

Appendix A: A XWS-Security Formal Schema Definition103
Formal Schema Definition 103
Appendix B: SJSXP JAR Files … 115
sjsxp.jar jsr173_api.jar 11

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