User’s Manual for Chery V5

The periodical maintenance to your namely for all the standard equipment and optional equipment in series V5 model, Thanks for your purchase of Chery vehicle. vehicle will help maintain the driving some equipment may be supplied in the In order to operate your vehicle properly performance and used value of …

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User’s Manual for Chery V5
Please read this manual carefully, since the information contained in this manual can let you understand how to operate and maintain your vehicle properly so as to achieve the driving pleasure to the maximum extent. This user’s manual applies to the Chery V5. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.1PrefaceThis manual is established based on the detailed conditions of V5 vehicles manufactured by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., which only applies to the V5 vehicles manufactured by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. This manual included the latest information up to the date when this manual is printed. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. will be wholly responsible for the modification and explanation of this manual and reserved the rights for product replacement after the print of this manual without any prior notice. Some pictures in this manual are illustrations for reference only. The real article should take precedence in case of any conflict between the pictures and the real articles. This manual is the main evidence for vehicle quality warranty and first free maintenance. Please keep this manual in your vehicle so that it’s available whenever you need it. When to resell this vehicle, please hand over this manual and all the documentation attached with this vehicle to the new owner so that they are available whenever the new owner needs them. not be accepted by the Chery authorized service station.Special StatementPlease make sure to read this manual before using this product.
The repair personnel of all authorized service stations, who passed the professional trainings, can properly repair your vehicle and vehicle equipment. The spare parts in Chery authorized service station are of Chery genuine spare parts.Alarm Symbols within This ManualDuring the vehicle operation, how to reduce the damage to the vehicle and the vehicle equipment and how to avoid the person injury? In this manual, the answer for such question is included in the 4Summaryexplanation for the alarm symbols with triangle. Please read carefully and abide by the contents thereof. The equipment marked with disposing the used cleaning articles and lubricating materials in accordance with the laws and regulations. This manual displayed the information on this aspect by means of tree symbol.
During the manual gearshift, make sure to shift to the next high gear when the engine tachometer indicator reached red indication area at the latest. Avoid the running of engine at unnecessary high speed. The earliest shift to high gear will help save the fuel, reduce the working noise as well as diminish the environmental pollution. the beginning of use; therefore, the tires also need run in. The vehicle speed should be relative low during first 100 km driving and the driving should be extremely careful. The new brake friction lining also needs run in, since the brake doesn\’t have ideal friction force during first 200 km driving. During this period the brake effects are a little poor, therefore the pressure on brake pedal may be reasonably increased. Such condition also applies to the each time when replaced with new friction lining. When the new vehicle traveled for 800km, the wheel nuts must be re-tightened to the specified torque. Please refer to the chapter Specification and Parameters of this manual for correct torque values. Also, 6Run in Regulation within 1,000 kmFull speed driving is absolutely prohibited. Generally, do not drive the vehicle at the speed above 100 km/h.

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