2002 Mazda Miata Quick Tips

Tip: Use key number, plate to purchase a, new key; store in a safe, place separate from vehicle, Tip: Resting your foot on the, clutch pedal while driving, and using the clutch to hold, Tip: Do not shift into 1st above, your vehicle at a standstill

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2002 Mazda Miata Quick Tips
7,500 miles, 15,000 miles, 22,500 miles, 30,000 miles, A B, 37,500 miles, 45,000 miles, A, C, 52,500 miles, 60,000 miles, A B, D, 67,500 miles, 75,000 miles, C, 82,500 miles, 90,000 miles, 20 mph or clutch failure could, while waiting on a hill may, occur, reduce clutch life, 5-speed, 6-speed, WARNINGS: Do not adjust seats while driving, Safety belts must always be, worn when vehicle is in motion, All air bags are supplemental, and do not replace safety, belt usage, Tip: Turn ignition off when, PASSENGER AIR BAG, disabling passenger front, air bag, WARNINGS: When using a, child-safety seat always set, the passenger front air bag, deactivation switch to OFF, position, serious injury or, death may result if front, passenger air bag is deployed, with child-safety seat installed, Tip: Use A/C to dehumidify air, Tips: When, selected, air, is dried when temperature, is above 39F, WARNING: Do not use, To help prevent windshield, position in cold weather;, WARNING: When using, fogging in humid weather,, windows could fog and, position always set tem-, select, before starting engine, hamper vision, perature control to hot or, To prevent moisture buildup,, warm to prevent outside, never drive with system off, glass fogging, WARNING: Do not exceed, 50 mph with temporary spare, Tip: Do not use temporary, spare tire for long periods, of time, PULL,  WARNING: Always keep handle, recessed; luggage may snag on, handle and open trunk, Tips: Secure all objects inside, vehicle before lowering top, Tips: Using an automatic car, Tip: Perform hardtop installation, wash can damage top, To install convertible top, or removal with two people, cover: Thread tether straps (5), Storing articles inside near, through anchor (6) and snap, the rear window can cause, into position; attach top, damage to top upon lowering, covering using fasteners;, insert rear edges into body, molding groove, Tip: To ensure that top is, securely fastened: Push up on, Tip: Do not store a wet or, top (4); if rattling is heard,, damp convertible top for long, repeat top latching process or, periods of time, have vehicle inspected by dealer, Tip: Check all fluids with vehicle, parked on a level surface, WARNING: Never remove, coolant reserve tank cap, while engine is running or, hot; you could get burned, Tip: Battery is located in, the trunk, Tips: Maintain constant, Tip: Use only SAE class \’S\’, pressure on the brake pedal, chains; install only on rear, Do not pump the brakes, tires; install as tightly as, possible and retighten, Tip: Follow same procedures, periodically, with overhauled engine or, Never exceed 30 mph with, when brakes are replaced, tire chains, Unleaded, Gasoline

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